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when to plant zinnia seeds


Zinnias like full sun so plant them in an area where they get sun after the last frost date for your area. In the spring, plant the petal/seed mix directly in the ground after danger of frost 1/2-1″ deep. Zinnias are annual plants, which means they will only last for one season. Along with being beautiful and easy to grow, zinnias are also heat- and drought-tolerant. Seeds should germinate in 5-24 days. Your best bet is to grow zinnias from seeds sown directly in the garden beds. When & How to Plant Zinnia Seeds. Keep zinnia plants regularly watered, but not soaked. So pick over the plants if any leaves become grey; Zinnia Seeds Germination. Sowing zinnia seeds directly into your garden should be done when the temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, both during the daytime and nighttime hours. Keep the soil moist and warm, and once the seeds have sprouted, put them in a sunny spot. Grow Zinnias from Seeds. Sow zinnia seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the predicted date of the last frost. I was so surprised at how well they did with so little care! From seed, they will grow very quickly in the right conditions. Zinnia seeds need a sowing depth of 1/4 inch. She’d give us a package of seeds to throw in our own garden in March when she was preparing her vegetable garden and in the summer we’d have a beautiful arrangement of Zinnia’s. In fact, it’s a great idea to plant multiple rounds at 2- to 3-week intervals up until the end of June for non-stop blooming into fall. Zinnia seeds can be sown outdoors as early as mid-April through first week of August. Water the pots immediately after sowing the Zinnia seeds to induce the germination process. If sowing indoors, sow the seeds into trays in the windowsill or greenhouse. In colder climates, zinnias are annuals that must be replanted every year, unless you transplant in cool weather. Zinnia found in: Zinnia 'Forecast', Zinnia elegans 'Queeny Lime Red', Zinnia elegans 'Giant Double Mixed', Zinnia elegans 'Sunshine Mix' F1 Hybrid,.. Loading... 0 Basket Account * Contact Help. Poke seeds into the soil about one-half inch (1 cm) deep and 3 inches (8 cm) apart. Zinnia seeds should germinate within 10 to 21 days. My husbands mom gave us a cheap packet of zinnia seeds last year to plant in the courtyard of our (first and new) home. Keep in mind that zinnias are hot weather plants and some varieties can reach heights of 3 feet. Here are the planting steps to follow: Choose the right spot; If you plant zinnias in the garden, choose a spot that will give the flowers at least six hours of light. They are classed as tender annuals and can be directly sown into the garden after all danger of frost is over and daytime temps are at least 50F and above. The plants emerge quickly and will flower no later than 60 days after the seeds hit soil. Maintain moisture and they will easily sprout in about 8-10 days. The seeds are easy to handle, and the zinnia plants need minimal care. You can plant zinnia seeds anytime after the last frost disappears and the temperature gets warmer. Start seeds indoors in individual containers, set out purchased plants, or direct-sow into warm soil. They can be sown in a container where it will grow or out in the ground. You can practice what is called succession planting where every two weeks seeds are planted ensuring you’ll have a show of zinnias throughout the summer and into early fall. Here is the process: Chose the flowers that appear healthiest. Zinnia seeds are widely used for propagating this beautiful flowering plant that is mostly native to Mexico. Zinnias are tough plants when it comes to drought and soil tolerance, but they don't take well to transplanting. Starting Just cover Zinnia seeds, and aim for a final spacing of 25-30cm (10-12″) between plants. Learn how to grow zinnias and how to choose the best types, plus get some great companion planting ideas. Keep in mind that Zinnias are native to Mexico, where they have become accustomed to long, hot summers. from $3.95 100 Seeds - $3.95 Art Pack - $3.95 300 Seeds - $6.95 .5 Ounces - $10.95 Add to Cart Add to Wish List View Details Once they begin to germinate thin the seedlings until they reach the spacing of between 30 and 38cm apart. This may seem like a very small thing, but when you’re buying a large quantity of zinnia seeds it does start to add up. Zinnias don’t transplant well, but you can try starting some indoors in peat or coir pots 6-8 weeks before planting out. Allow flowers to dry out on the plant until they are brown and petals are crunchy. Zinnias are preferred by many gardeners because of their brightly colored blooms, and also because they are huge attractions to butterflies. Once germinated, zinna seedlings don’t like their roots disturbed. How to Plant Zinnia Seeds. Zinnia seeds will germinate pretty quickly, and the plants should bloom in about 2 months. Planting Zinnia Seeds Outdoors. How to plant zinnia seeds. Zinnias need room to grow, so thin out seedlings no less than 12 inches apart. Zinnia seeds are also very in expensive to buy and are often found at the dollar store. In fact, the most difficult part is in waiting for the flowers to dry out! Back to main Garden Plants Flower Seeds Flower Bulbs & Tubers Plants for Pollinators New In. Zinnias are members of the aster family (marigolds, cosmos, daisy) and are the largest family of flowering plants. How to plant Zinnias. While not impossible, zinnias don’t handle being transplanted well. It takes weeks to a few months to see flowers, but its really rewarding to grow a plant from seeds. A packet of zinnia seeds will provide months of colorful blooms from spring till frost. Starting Zinnia Seeds. We grew up planting zinnia flowers with my mother. Fill small pots with fine textured potting soil. If you wish to start growing zinnia plants from seeds indoors, plant the seeds in peat pots, poo pots (pots made from cow dung) or other biodegradable containers that can be planted directly into the garden later. Zinnias should be started from seed. Harvesting (saving) zinnia seeds. Even in my heavy clay soil, they are easy to grow and maintain. Zinnia plants are started from seeds. (Gardeners along the Front Range use Mother’s Day as a rule of general rule of thumb for planting… Zinnias begin to show growth outdoors when temperatures are above 50 F. (10 C). If sowing outdoors the seeds need to be sown thinly in a sunny position. This post is so helpful to know how to better care for them this year! Cover to the depth specified on the seed packet with a light soil/sand/vermiculite mix or use a preprepared seed raising mix. Compact plants with burnished, ringed petals. Back to Flowers & Plants Garden Plants. They're ideal for a cutting garden; zinnia bouquets can last at least a week. Planting giant zinnias in your landscape will add color and interest as well as attract butterflies to your property. Decorate any bouquet, garden, or tabletop with vivid colored zinnia flowers using top-notch zinnia seeds in stock at Burpee today. If you plan to have your zinnia containers outdoors for the summer, start seeds inside about six weeks before the last frost of spring. While zinnias will produce more flowers if they are deadheaded, towards the end of the season is a good time to save seeds. How to save zinnia seeds. I personally recommend starting them from seed directly where you plan to grow them. So take these factors into consideration when deciding where you want to plant your zinnia seeds. Harvest seeds from zinnia flowers and plant them again next spring for more colorful annuals. Buy high yield zinnia seeds and plants that thrive in any home garden environment from Burpee seeds. Seeds of zinnia flowers have to be directly sown. Cover seeds with about a quarter inch (0.6 cm) of soil. Planting and Care. I cast my seeds over an open area and then dig up the seedlings in groups when they are about 2-3″ high and replant in other areas. Sow Zinnias seeds 1/4 inch deep. Plant zinnias in spring, after the last frost has passed and the soil is warm. Choose a still, sunny morning on which to sow the seeds because zinnias require warmth to germinate. Planting Zinnias is not much of a challenge. The process of saving zinnia seeds to use next year is quite easy. Zinnias famously hate root disturbance, so it is best to sow directly into freely drained soil with a fine tilth. Zinnias are easy to plant from seeds. Water the seed bed well with a fine … Thin to 12 inches (30 cm) apart in all directions for dwarf varieties. I wrote a post on where to get seeds from that you can read too. Thin out the seedlings, so you end up with one plant every 12in (30cm) or so. You can transplant them from a local garden center but they won’t thrive as well and Zinnias are so easy to grow from seed. Plus, everyone loves the bright colors of the zinnias. They can be planted in the spring throughout Florida and also in the fall in South Florida. You can plant zinnia seeds yourself or you can buy zinnia plants in a pack from your local plant nursery or a garden center. Secondly, the Oklahoma series is very consistent when it comes to its form. It’s best to group multiple pots into a plastic flat and cover the flat with a clear plastic lid to trap in humidity. PLANTING ZINNIA SEEDS When to plant: As long as there is no further threat of frost, zinnias can be planted any time through the end of June. Plant zinnia seeds according to package instructions. Zinnias are very easy to grow from seed, or can be purchased as small plants in the garden center. Ideally, it would be best if you planted zinnias before the beginning of June to enjoy continuous blooms until fall. Use your zinnias in a mass planting, containers, or as a border. While some varieties like the Benary Giants or the Zinderella series are not reliably double, the Oklahoma series is a well-bred variety that consistently gives big, fluffy, perfect blooms. Use a pencil to make holes ¼ deep for small seeds. Christmas Flowers & Plants. Those little flowers really started a love of gardening in me! Zinnias are a pure garden pleasure! I am really enjoying growing plants from seeds. Sowing 2 seeds in each pot are not required, but it will help ensure that each container produces a plant. You can start them right in the pots you intend to use. She typically plants her zinnia seeds a week or two after the average last frost date. Here are the steps. Zinnias are one of the easiest annuals to grow. If you choose to grow zinnias from seeds, there are many great seed resources out there. Cut flower off of plant. Zinnias are popular flowering annuals because they are easy to grow and maintain. How to Plant Giant Zinnias. The seeds are large enough to be relatively easy to handle and should be spaced approximately 25cm apart. "They are great for hot summer weather and gardeners in warmer climates," explains Dr. Gladys Mbofung-Curtis, a garden expert at Garden Safe. Maintain a soil temperature of 21-26°C (70-80°F). Start seeds four to six weeks before the last frost date in your area. Spacing depends on the variety – smaller zinnias are usually planted about 6” apart while the giant types should be spaced every 12” apart. Browse 40 types of zinnia seeds … Sow two or three seeds 2in (5cm) apart at 12in (30cm) spacing. In a warm climate, where there is no frost in May, planting of zinnia directly in the open ground is quite possible, but if in your area night frosts are common, you should know that zinnia seeds will die at 30 ºF. If you are looking for a flower that gives a punch of color, the zinnia is a great choice.

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