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how to remove ryobi 40v battery from trimmer


This product will accept Ryobi 40 V lithium-ion battery ADJUSTABLE FRONT HANDLE packs only. This is a built-in feature we put in all of our batteries to protect them from being ruined. One-Touch Coupler allows you to change between attachments in seconds with a simple 180-degree turn. I'm guessing that for some reason the sander's battery chamber is just a little tighter than the other tools. Place the battery in the charger until the green indicator goes solid. twisted monofilament line. Remove it and set it aside. If the Ryobi trimmer has a battery pack, push the tabs on each side of the battery and remove it. Helping You to Do It Yourself! TRIMMER For complete charging instructions, refer to the Operator’s Manuals for your Ryobi battery pack and charger models. See Figure 8. If it resists removal, grip it with the pliers for more leverage. For faster, rougher cuts use a blade with less teeth. extended beyond the slot. Directions can also be found in your Operator’s Manual. Thread the line into the eyelet. Use your SpeedMatch sticker on the side of the tool as a guide. In addition to being a great value on its own merits, the same battery in the Expand-It is compatible with an enormous number of other Ryobi tools, making it an even better value if you are planning on buying another cordless yard or home tool in the near future, as you can buy a bare-tool version and use the battery from this string trimmer in it, saving you even more cash. This hedge trimmer delivers more power, more features and is lighter than its predecessor. I will try sanding once I get the *&%^ thing out. Please subscribe if you liked the video. Do not overfill. NOTE: Your RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer is equipped with an auto-feed head. For fine cutting like countertops and metal, use a blade with more teeth. How do I attach the front handle on my RYOBI 40V-X String Trimmer? Ask him to pull the battery out for you. Remove the battery pack. This new trimmer delivers increased torque and line speed for powerful cutting. Re-insert the battery into the charger again and repeat steps 2-3. Another solution to a stuck battery ... in my case, stuck in a blower: I had this problem with my leaf blower: The battery would go in (albeit with a heavy push), but getting it out was a son-of-a-gun. No matter what I do or how hard I squeeze the latches, the battery will not disengage. 24" 40V Cordless Battery Hedge Trimmer is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 31. Sign up today for new tool announcements, promotions, exclusive offers, Remove the spool from the string head. Place line in the slot on upper spool flange, leaving about 6 in. Push the black button located on the string head while pulling on the line to manually advance the line. Date published: 2020-10-11 Rated 5 out of 5 by Horace44 from I bought this tool last month. Line jams and breaks and will not feed. Place the trimmer down on a table or the ground so that you can work on the line end. What worked for me was to sand the plastic slider on the tool that the battery is supposed to slip into. The RYOBI 22 in. One distinct advantage is that this hedge trimmer has a removable battery pack. On the 40V side, I'm even less familiar since I don't use Ryobi 40V, but I also see some 40V HP branded items, a chainsaw RY40580, hedge trimmer RY40640, string trimmer (possibly expand-it) RY40290, and two new mowers RY401140 and 50. Adjust handle up or down, if necessary, to desired operation position. Remove the battery from the string trimmer before storing. :laughing: They are also good for reaching things on high shelves... Oddly, the only Roybi tool I own with the same problem is the orbital sander - I've owned two, and had the same problem with each. Wait two seconds, and press the switch trigger again. Tighten wing bolt to secure. 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer is ideal for any hedge maintenance around the house. Settings 1-3 are orbital settings, 3 being the most aggressive. After winding the line, there should be at least ¼ in. Just before the red/green lights start flashing, remove the battery from the charger. Compatible with all RYOBI EXPAND-IT™ attachments you save time, money and space. Ryobi takes cordless to the next level with the 18V Lithium+ String Trimmer. There are also notched detents on the tool to indicate more common angles. And not what I’d expect - squeezing and pulling until a ‘latch’ is freed and the squeeze can stop. Clean all foreign material from the trimmer. To install the new spool, make sure the line is captured in the slot on the new spool. Now it works fine. NOTE: Remove any old line remaining on the spool. With the trimmer running, release the switch trigger. Store the unit in a place that is inaccessible to children and away from corrosive agents such as garden chemicals and de-icing salts. Page 13 OPERATION LINE CUT-OFF BLADE WARNING: See Figures 13. I have a Ryobi One set - battery plus a bunch of tools. And as we all know, that's a bad thing to do. Or, using the trigger lock function, you can actuate the trigger, push in the side lock button, and adjust your speed with the thumb dial. This could mean you are pushing the saw too hard or too fast. So I got some 120 sandpaper from Home Depot and went after it (sanding by hand) for about 5 minutes -- until the roughness I felt with my hands was smoothed away. NOTE: The line will extend approximately ¼ in. You can hold the trigger of the tool down and adjust the speed with your thumb dial. Rotation from trimmer to edger is a challenge to say the least. On the 40V side, I'm even less familiar since I don't use Ryobi 40V, but I also see some 40V HP branded items, a chainsaw RY40580, hedge trimmer RY40640, string trimmer (possibly expand-it) RY40290, and two new mowers RY401140 and 50. After some experimentation I ended up using my pointer and index fingers to apply pressure to the release latch while using my other hand to apply pressure to the back of the battery in order to disconnect it from the battery port while the trimmer laid on a stable surface. Reinstall the spool retainer by dressing tabs into slots and pushing down until spool retainer clicks into place. Install the new spool so that the line and slot align with the eyelet in the string head. Flat bottom, securing seems more of a friction fit issue with zero tolerance. Rated 5 out of 5 by Bob0308 from Customers hedges look amazing I bought these today 11-12-2020 and went straight to work with them to trim a customers hedges.. Moreover, people who love gas trimmer must know that it delivers longer running time and fade-free performance with the help of 40v Ryobi battery pack. Bumping the head to try to advance the line will damage the trimmer and void the warranty. This battery is always more difficult to remove than the older yellow/blue ones for some reason and does not have a distinct click release. I noticed (it took a while) that when I ran my hands along the side of that plastic slider slot that it felt kind of rough. Use only .065 in. How do I replace the line on my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer? Loosen and remove the wing bolt and washer from the handle. Charge the battery pack according to the instructions included with your battery. I have a strong grip, hands are not small and find all three of my lithium batteries difficult to remove from any/every thing after a while. RYOBI takes cordless to the next level with the 40V Trimmer/Edger. twisted monofilament line. First battery won’t hold a … How do I replace the spool on my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer? We've taken all the things people love about our top selling hedge trimmer and made it better. With a 40-Volt battery pack, this string trimmer delivers longer run time and fade-free power. You can use any reciprocating saw blade on the market. Reinstall the washer and wing bolt. Insert the line into the anchor hole in the upper part of the spool. The base thump is the first solution that occurred to me, haven’t tried anything else, it always works. round or .080 in. Ryobi has taken the level of cordless to while a new stage with the 40V edger/trimmer. What is wrong? I think what happens is that when the plastic tool part comes out of its mold, it needs to be trimmed very cleanly. Step 3 The RYOBI 40V Brushless EXPAND-IT™ Attachment Capable String Trimmer delivers the cordless convenience you want with the GAS-LIKE POWER™ you need. The Ryobi 40V trimmer combines cordless convenience with exceptional run time. Using the same Allen wrench in the handle of your Jigsaw, loosen the two nuts on the underside of the base and re-tighten the nuts once it reaches the desired angle. How do I switch from trimming to edging on my RYOBI 24V or 40V String Trimmer? Rotate the trimmer head counterclockwise placing the tool in the edger position. With a 40V high-capacity battery, this string trimmer has more run time than most gas trimmers with fade-free power. I hate having to ask for help, but I may have to suck it up and ask a male friend with bigger hands to try. If the battery has permanently become slightly larger cooling may help. It features an auto-feed string head that advances line with the pull of the trigger and accepts any of the Ryobi auto-feed spools for quick and easy reloads. If your blade pops out occasionally, it could mean you are pushing the saw too hard or too fast. beyond the slot. Wind the line around the supper part of the spool clockwise, as shown by the arrows on the spool. The tools and battery are both less than a year old, so I doubt it's age. I depress the locking tab on one side, pry the battery up slightly by inserting a small flat-blade screwdriver and turning the handle, and then keep the battery tilted slightly to prevent the first side from dropping back down into the latched position while I repeat the process on the other - pretty inelegant, I admit, but quick once you get the hang of it, and the only way I've ever been able to get … round or .080 in. Install the handle on the power head shaft. This trimmer is equipped with a line cut-off blade on the grass Always hold the string trimmer … twisted monofilament line. How do I store my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer? There are two options to adjust speed. This 40v trimmer has been a disaster. Cut a piece of line approximately 9 ft. long. And sometimes that doesn't happen. STARTINg AND STOPPINg ThE hEDgE This product will accept Ryobi 40 V lithium-ion battery packs. Terms and Conditions | Make sure the end of the line is extended approximately 5 in. Setting 0 is the non-orbital setting and is recommended for very fine cutting of metal. Your screen name implies female so I’ll offer my 2 cents. You can find replacement sandpaper at your local Home Depot store or online at between the wound line and the outside edge of the spool. How do I advance the line on my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer? With an 18V 4.0 Ah Lithium+ battery pack, this string trimmer delivers longer run time and fade-free power. Before I did all this, I had to bang pretty hard on the lithium-ion battery to get it out. Use only .065 in. "RYOBI" is a trademark of RYOBI Limited and is used by One World pursuant to a license granted by RYOBI Limited, Contact Customer Service: 1-800-525-2579 Replace the plastic retainer spool and the spool cap. Connect you charger to the power outlet. Mine seem to require squeezing firmly then pulling wile maintaining the squeeze. EXPAND-IT™ Attachment Capable, means you can transform this trimmer into a variety of tools with the many RYOBI EXPAND-IT™ Attachments. The ONE+ Hedge Trimmer redefines the 18-Volt category by delivering the power and performance you'd expect from higher voltage lines, while its lightweight, compact design makes it comfortable and easy for anyone to operate. with each stop and start of the switch trigger until the line reaches the length of the cut-off blade. DIY inspiration and project plans! A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. A 5.5 inch blade with a 10 millimeter Arbor. Ryobi RY40610A hedge trimmer: What you need to know. Step 2 Locate the two opposite tabs on the sides of the spool retainer. This string trimmer is designed to deliver cordless convenience without sacrificing power. This allows you to remove and charge one battery while you use a second. Pull the line extending from the string head so the line releases from the slot in the spool. Walk outside and wait for a big strong man to walk by. High-Capacity 40V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery delivers extended run time. JavaScript is disabled. Privacy Policy | The blade of my tool pops out at different times during use. Decide how high you want the hedge. Cut a piece of line approximately 9 ft. long. Power Tool Institute. We got the 40V to use the battery with our cordless trimmer/edge/blower as well. My hands ARE small - I have a firm grip, but the sander is shaped strangely, and it's difficult for me to get my hands around it compared to the drill or saws. My saw keeps shutting off and I have a full charge on my battery. 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer The RYOBI 22 in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. To secure the battery pack, make sure the e battery pack is snapped into place. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! round or .080 in. Loosen the "bump knob" or "bump head" by unscrewing it using a counterclockwise turning motion. Try cooling the tool in the fridge or freezer. Using the provided universal adaptor, this tool will allow you to use most multi-tool blades on the market. This string trimmer is specially designed to provide cordless experience without sacrificing power. Insert the line into the anchor hole in the upper part of the spool. How do I adjust the base for angled cuts? With attachment capability, you'll be able to transform your trimmer into an edger, blower, pole saw and so much more with RYOBI EXPAND-IT™ Attachments all while saving you time, space and money. Page 11: Maintenance OPERATION If desired, you can use a string to help cut your hedge level. #ryobi, #ryobitools, #ryobi18v Or you can just buy more spools cheap at amazon here: . Home Inspections, Infrared (Thermal Imaging) Leak Identification and Inspection Services, Roof, Attic, Building, Basement and Foundation Moisture Intrusion and Water Leak Inspections, Troubled Building Consultations - Serving Chicago and Suburbs, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. NOTE: Use only .065 in. How do I manually advance the line on my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer? The battery pack reaches full power in 90 minutes with the accompanying charger. Take the wrench and turn each nut 1/2 turn until the base drops to your desired depth. This string trimmer is designed to deliver cordless convenience without sacrificing power. I've used the battery with no problem with a number of the tools, but when I finished using the orbital sander today for the first time, the battery is stuck. What do I do if my RYOBI Cordless String Trimmer won’t start? The 40V 24" Hedge Trimmer exemplifies the perfect balance of power and comfort. The RYOBI 40V Brushless Attachment Capable String Trimmer delivers GAS-LIKE POWER™ without the hassle of mixing oil and gas. There is an Allen wrench in the handle of your Jigsaw and two lock nuts on the side of the tool.

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