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I contacted the education office, specifically Diane Placidi, to see if she could work something out with the shelter, and oh boy. It did not take me long to realize that the education I received during this course did not come close to preparing me to work an actual vet tech job. Lots of resources within the student community portals, lots of videos to understand material and lots of support and very responsive instructors. Well, let me tell you, you REALLY have to know your stuff to get your degree! They provide the basic needs to get your degree and certification. Internship is dependent on the Vet hospital completing school requirements with the student. 30 of 36 people found the following review helpful. They fulfill a certain niche in our society for military, working adults, etc... and are poorly served by recent high school graduates who expect to have their hands held and or those who cannot honestly engage in self-guided and motivated study. I would recommend it to anyone! I'm an Army Wife and mom of a three year old. It's an online school, an online program, but it's not easy; it's still college. However, I do not have to see her face, I do not have to talk to her, I just keep from emailing her what I really feel, and put how I really feel in THIS review. 2. I didn't need help on the course work so i cant tell you anything about the teachers. If you're not working as a tech or assistant, try to do some shadowing. The other major bonus with Penn Foster programs is their amazing affordability!! And then when you actually get someone, their phone lines are so awful that you can barely hear them! Married a marine and moved. They treat their students with disrespect and are rude and unprofessional at every turn. Just to give you an idea of the savings, the amount that I spend for my first semester would've been the same amount or less than what I would've spent on JUST books for 2 quarters at the local college in my town. They will see you've been an RVT for 10 years. Penn Foster College Bachelor degree in Canada, how worth is it? Because the program is self-paced, I'm able to set my own goal for turning in projects and taking exams. If you are looking for a program that is self-paced and payment plan friendly, then check out Penn Foster! You must be very self-disciplined to be able to handle keeping up with your studies and learning the subjects. Yet I am an office manager of a clinic and will be glad to assist future students. Unbiased Online Degree Reviews Since 2006, Ranking: #75 High School Diploma ... Career diploma programs are typically shorter than degree programs, and you can usually complete most in a year or two, though some may be only a few weeks. I've found a way to make it part of everything I do, and I'm actually motivated to do the studying, I crave the knowledge. You can find … Contact, Copyright © 2006-2019, Dog Obedience Trainer / Instructor diploma, Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been a vet tech and just wanted my dagree so I returned to school. It has everything I was looking for. … They say you can major in anything as long as you at least have an associates-60 college credits so you can be hired. Grade: F, 6 of 16 people found the following review helpful, i have been reading alot of students comments on of the instructors of the vet tech program of penn foster, i have to agree bout the boss , she is very rude and does not help students like they need i agree the forums she post need to be cleaned up because its kind of common sense when you get emails for the same questions and her only reply is check the FQA , i have a made a complaint bout how she talks to students on forums, i think most of her forums are just for her to hear her self talk 9 times out 10 they have nothing to do with the program, and wow also its taken me 10 days to find out why i havent recieved my next set of books , its due to the fact the army hasnt paid them yet and i said it takes time for that your working with the military here so i had to shoot through to get my books and its been three days since i made the complaint and they r all back ordered , so next semester i see my self not returning there if this doesnt get fixed, 2 of 4 people found the following review helpful. AND...the grading is so subjective all you can do is pray that you pass. Resources | I can learn more from the books they sent me than I can with the exams. Was this lady DAMN rude. Providing an affordable education that you're able to complete at your own time. The class participation requirements are NOT horrible. I can already apply things I learn at PennFoster to my job, and both my job and my education are benefitting each other. I tried to dispute this and the school would not allow me to. They have an A.V.M.A. Students that did not research before enrolling are usually the ones angry and leaving negative reviews because they didn't know they had to complete an externship, find a proctor or site location on their own, unable to find an externship site that has all the necessary equipment (i.e. When i had graduated they had just became accredited. It's all about the money not the education. ???? You must also carry your own medical insurance to complete the practicums. Right now im already a full time Vet Tech at a local clinic and im just trying to finish my college education. Having said all that, the school management is poor at best. Got his certificate and applied for several jobs less than 2 months he was hired for his current position. Next: the actual classes. THose Practicums, will make the National Exam much easier. I have also met some of the most amazing students who have become amazing friends from everywhere in the US and overseas! Students set their own pace for completing certificate or degree programs and can pay tuition in full or in installments, Klapper said. I know it's online, but COME ON! You would think with so many people asking the same questions, she'd understand that THINGS AREN'T CLEAR! Since I have previously earned a diploma from Penn Foster in Dog Obedience and instruction and found them adequate and affordable, I am going to go through the Veterinary Technician program as well. I will google search some homework assignments for better understanding of what the questions mean, and I find the questions on yahoo answers from as early as 2004. If they are ripping off students as reviews indicate then a father's advice is to go elsewhere. Keep in mind that these personality conflicts happen in actual RL and actual brick and mortar schools, where it is harder to just do your work and move on. -I work full-time as a vet tech at a clinic that supports my goals and wants to help me with my practicums, etc. Tests, speaking specifically of the math, are written poorly and I hope you don't try to use what you learned in life, you will be embarrassed. They just extended it to the current students, even combining it with the special offers we came in under. Terrible Experience! I'm attending a real college in a real building. The online forum and the webinars are archaic in view of other online course presentations I've used, and the webinar conductor "Citrix" is a pain in the rear to work with when their system fails. It is difficult and you have to work hard!I went to pierce collage and was 6 credits shy of my dagree. To keep you in, they will offer you the chance to transfer to another program. -THE COMMUNITY - I'm always getting emails saying I haven't "updated my status" on the PennFoster community site. Website I'm sure I'll get nothing back) and getting out ASAP. I am active duty miltary. The material is tough because the field is tough. They kind of leave you on your own-to fend for yourselt. Schools like Penn Foster College would be OK if they stuck to short courses for entry-level jobs (at a decent price). Grealty disappointed when I found out that federal aid was not accepted. I am still at a loss as to whether I will get to move on because I have been told so many things about the forum requirements. We have one of the most amazing Program Directors ever! I'm the boss of my time, I'm the boss of how long I take taking a test or studying. At the end of each semester you must take a proctored exam, with some of the subjects closed book and other open. -it's online, and I already do enough driving, I also study better alone at home - when I'm in class, I'm waiting for it to be over so I can go home and study. My husband sat and listened in on her comments to students once and couldn't believe how unprofessional she acted. In the Vet Tech program, the Externship is mandatory or else you will not graduate. Also, so far as I am able to determine at this point, don't expect an objective proctor test. I love it! This was a HUGE help for me in the biology section. It also just states that you can fax it or mail it, it doesn't exactly state the number or the address, or if we could even e-mail it or who to talk to. I paid it in full 40 days ago and I'm still waiting for my refund of overpayment. I have taken many online courses through community colleges, and have had some bad luck. But in this day and age, everyone should be trying to work their hardest. I appreciate the fact that PF is a complete distance learning program, and just received the full AVMA accreditation. Penn Foster is an awful school! Here is the list of accredited online programs on the AVMA website: -It's annoying waiting for the textbooks to ship, they're not overnighted - that can get old when you just finished a class and are feeling really motivated, but can't do anything until you get your book in the mail. Penn Foster was my only real option, as many brick and mortar schools do not offer night classes. Worst of all, the Program Director writes snide comments in the forum routinely, because she is obviously overwhelmed with the mess she has created - having way too many enrollees (which I'm sure bloats her ego) but then not being able to service them in a professional manner. While their VTNE pass rates are good, the only reason for this is the ones who actually finish the program are likely to take the VTNE seriously and pass it. Tuition they said was $1500 for the entire curriculum. Boy, am I ever thankful for Penn Foster!! I wish Penn Foster made it easier to understand what exactly we as students need to be learning. Have a 3.9 GPA. I am now trying to get the transcript from Penn Foster as I have enrolled in a REAL school with REAL teachers and I haven't gotten it yet. ... Now I have my bachelors degree. I am doing Penn Foster. Privacy | You can't do in 2 years what it took those professionals YEARS to do. I have just completed my first semester in this program and would strongly recommend Penn Foster to anyone searching for a creditable online college. Stay away from this school they are horrible people! How do they expect someone to pass a major vet exam, that would ultimately fully certify me, and they only ask me 10-20 questions! -The website is easy enough to use. For all those that had unfornate experiences with margi or other personel I am sorry, I hope you find a school that makes you feel apprecaiated or give it another shot, it really is better now from what I have seen. Seriously?! It is AVMA accredited, so you will be able to sit for the VTNE and obtain registration. Since 1956, the national and regional accredited high school has assisted students in obtaining a degree. The bill collectors do not care if you did not do your homework prior to the debt. Foster). Do your research before signing up for this school. Please be careful to read the agreement carefully before signing. My daughter will go elsewhere and is already a vet assistant. I have never had an issue with shipments or with getting an answer from student services or an instructor. I love it because I feel I'm completely on my own school. 36 of 41 people found the following review helpful. Buy Web Design: I Will Just and Why You Want to Join Penn Foster College for an Online Degree. I don't know really anything about Penn Foster but I'm wary of any online programs if only because a lot of the benefit you get from school is being able to do hands-on stuff in a controlled environment. I was hesitant to pursue another online degree, but really wanted to take an accredited Veterinary Technology program in order to become licensed as a technician. I'll generally read a chapter and make crap tons of flash cards on Quizlet, then I'll watch the lecture videos while I cook or take a bath, then instead of falling asleep playing solitaire, I fall asleep studying my Quizlet App on my iPhone. Penn Foster High School responds quickly to information requests through this website. I know that because I looked into it since I know a lot about guns. They wouldn't even provide the reference. There are many frequently asked questions to read from that can resolve issues without having to contact Student CARE. They tell you that you can finish the program in 14 months but then once you have signed up and they delay your progress again and again, they say that it takes at least 3.5 years to finish the program! DEAC is worthless for post secondary (college), being ACE approved is not accreditation. I called 2 weeks later because I hadn't gotten it yet, and the person I spoke with said that they couldn't mail it out until I had made a payment (why was I not informed of this 2 weeks ago) So I made the payment and had the request for a transcript re-submitted. Oh and don't even TRY to call the administrative office. Penn Foster Career School. Absolutely. Guys, anyone from Canada please help me. Penn Foster College is a private, for-profit online college with its headquarters in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 10 of 15 people found the following review helpful. Also, I'm enrolled in 2 programs and don't feel like the curriculum or support is worth the money. Is A Criminal Justice degree worth It? At least more communication. Questions regarding proctured exams and internships are not answered and discouraged. I hold three different college degrees and WAS a 3.8 GPA student when I entered Penn Foster. I like the fact that I can type a question to an instructor and I can hear her response while seeing her screen. Very well rounded program that includes some very demanding skill set practicums. :), 24 of 26 people found the following review helpful. From my understanding Penn-Foster is a reputable school and has been in business for years (started out as a school for miners in 1890 by Thomas J. Differentiating between nationally accredited and regionally accredited schools can be crucial when choosing a degree program. If it’s there, you are good to go, according to the IRS. Because of Penn Foster's low tuition cost they have many more participants than other colleges whose programs costs considerably more. Can you fail in this program? The teachers have always answered my email questions within 24 hours and have always been helpful. And when I say a certain extent, I mean if you decide you want to further your career, THEN schooling comes into … Many of the instructors are new to the field. I am about to finish my Bachelor Degree at Penn Foster College which is Accredited by "Distance and Education Training Council" also knowns as DETC. Due to them taking their time sending materials, not crediting me with time spent in online groups, not giving me info about my first practicum, I had to start the program all over at the end of my 3rd semester. If you are already in the program, start looking now for clinics to work in. I am in the end of my second semester of the vet tech program with Penn Foster and would never recommend this school to anyone trying to obtain a degree in this field. The director of the program, Jim Hurrell, is amazing and inspiring! You got to agree paying $600 through online (Penn Foster) is better than $8,000+ too. About | Students sign up for Penn Foster to earn a high school degree in order to advance their chances of better employment or entrance into college. The online classes are improving all the time. Also, my best friend received her high school diploma from Penn Foster and graduated from University of Maryland. 10 of 14 people found the following review helpful, Penn Foster school is awesome, I would recommend it to anyone! Yeah, I agree with the comment above. You will find your posts will be denied without providing a legitimate reason, if you can get one at all. Disagree with a question marked wrong on any test? Currently I am pursuing to complete my Bachelors degree. Penn has given me the abiltiy to take the courses I need to get my degree on my own time, at my own pace. It is hard to get good critical reviews on Penn Foster. You haven't attempted your proctored exams yet! While the cost of this program is good, the quality of education and instructors is extremely poor. Here it is 2013 and I'm still trying to graduate, never mind that I'm already licensed by my state and don't actually need to finish this program, but have to for me GI Bill. 59 of 62 people found the following review helpful. Good luck and wish me luck - I'm still not sure I'll ever complete the program with all of the associated challenges. Amazing on line delivery and amazing staff that really desire you to do your best! Towards the end of my time at Penn Foster I started interning at a local animal rescue. I am just about done with my first semester and it is much, much cheaper than the alternatives and I have few complaints so far, perhaps because I paid all at once. I am learning quite a bit, and I already have my bachelor's degree (this is a second career). The staff was always pleasent when I called with problems. If you are looking to further your education whether it be in Veterinary medicine or one of the other amazing programs the school offers please go with Penn Foster! Website Resources | Now I know it's a huge convenience having online classes, but that still shouldn't mean that no one should be introduced to each other or at least the teacher even. hours. You will not get partial credit. On the primary Penn Foster website where you view all the programs to enroll in, you can read an overview of your program of interest. So I found Penn Foster. They haved started a "community" site which aloows for facebook/mysoace gathering of students and directors, even the president of the school is on there so that really make you feel a lot less "alone". I am shocked by the poor reviewes. 36 of 43 people found the following review helpful. On these exams you must answer in written form, with only a very few questions where you match answers. I’ll remain anonymous at this time to prevent further discrimination and retaliation against my friend. Penn Foster isn't a highly respected school, so some practices are weary of letting you train with them....THUMBS down! They even ran a special I got in that was originally only offered to new students that said when you pay off your third semester the last one is free. For example, our bachelor’s degree in business management is eight semesters long, and the total price ranges from $8,240 to $10,560. You will not be able to transfer credits to a real regionally accredited college (perhaps Excelsior in Albany). The head of the program Dr. Margi is rude and unprofessional. I was offered a discount if I paid my account off by a certain date. They know it. All I am saying is if you are able to go to a different school, do it. A ratio of 1:3 is not 1/3 as they claim, it is 1 of 4 or ¼ (there are 4 units, the 1 + 3 = 4 so 1:3 ratio would be 1/4 as fraction). Since when have you ever heard someone say they love everything about their schooling experience? I've already got the experience under my belt of being an assistant for so long, now I will have the knowledge and the degree. With the economic down turn and me no longer being able to work on my feet anymore and becoming disabled I know I needed an updating of my job skills in order to get an office job that I could eventually earn decent pay doing and that was in demand. The only good things I have experienced with PF is a couple of the instructors have recognized my exceptional grades. With the economic down turn and me no longer being able to work on my feet anymore and becoming disabled I know I needed an updating of my job skills in order to get an office job that I could eventually earn decent pay doing and that was in demand. This is the way it is and always has been. Those of you who are posting "rose colored glasses" remarks and are still in your first semester...beware. However, I did NOT enjoy the Social Psychology professor or one of the Healthcare Management Medical Terminology professors. Unbiased Online Degree Reviews Since 2006, Ranking: #75 Wouldn't you believe it, that the students are showing signs they're thankful for that? You have a total of 6 years to complete your studies. I called the following week to see why I still didn't have it. First let me say, I have not participated in the Penn Foster program myself. If you ask to specify what rule they claim to have broken, because you can't find a violation after reading the rules, they will not or could not specify. If you take the first lesson seriously -(learning strategies) and actually take notes as you do your course work - outline your vocab - and review for a day or so before exams - you will do just fine. If you need someone over your shoulder directing you every step of the way, look somewhere else. I am worried what will happen with the program's accreditation at this point. Penn Foster is not for everyone, but's the school for me. Good education for a good price. I can listen to the lectures when my eyes need a break, I can play loud music while I'm reading the books, I can rotate the laundry on my day off while I study, etc., I can study when I'm stuck in traffic or on a break at work or can't fall asleep. I started doing the accounting associates degree with them and stopped because I'm just a student and know more than they do about accounting. These are both required to complete the VT program...and Penn Foster will give you absolutely NO HELP with this. The only good thing I'll say is that the books were definitely HARD CORE reading. Do not send or offer money until everything seen in Black and white including the course outline and one or more of the texts. Oddly,Penn Foster has no delays with there billing department! The program is complete with everything you would need to know for a job, including studies in accounting software like Peachtree, Quickbooks, and Excel. It works for me. If you are thinking about using Penn Foster as transfer credits then check ahead of time on transferability. Everyone learns differently, and obviously distance learning wasn't working for them. Penn Foster college is the most expensive scam I’ve ever fallen for. My learning style is hands on, so I learned real fast this wasn't the type of study for me, and at least in this field. 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful, BEWARE! They will not defer your student loans even though the person I spoke to before I signed up said that they would. Penn Foster Career School Penn Foster High School Student Services Center 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 USA 1-800-275-4410 Penn Foster College Administrative Office 14300 N. Northsight Blvd., Suite 125, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA 1-800-471-3232 I hear about Margi and how rude she was, I have never met her, but there is a new director of the program named JIm Hurrel, he is very nice and informative and he actually cares to teach. Here is a list of the largest nationally accredited schools. everything you read about the program director at penn foster's vet tech program is true. Basic instruction in math, like teaching you, a fraction is the same as a ratio. Most of their complaints are basically of their own making for not doing due diligence on subjects such as transfer credits, etc... The instructors are horrible, the courses are ok. 11 of 26 people found the following review helpful. Don't fall for it. The forums need some improvement. 35 of 37 people found the following review helpful. 22 of 33 people found the following review helpful. Find the best companies in Universities, Colleges and Schools category: Ashworth College and Penn Foster, Ashworth College vs Stratford Career Institute, Penn Foster vs Stratford Career Institute Enough said. Whatever, penn foster is a scam. It definitely enables students to learn everything they need to be knowledgeable in the field, and also to pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam. Good luck and wish me luck - I'm still not sure I'll ever complete the program with all of the associated challenges. Well my schedule was laid back, i paid less and i got the same job and training as my co-workers. The bottom line is if you are looking for a respected vet tech degree along with training that will prepare you for your state's exam, you may want to keep looking. Just log on, you don't even need to start a topic or reply. It is convenient for my schedule being a stay at home mom. Good luck getting a response from anyone in the education department. Still though it would be nice if the instructors had late evening and Sat. 8 of 23 people found the following review helpful. I'd probably love my job if I never had to interact with my bosses. of Ed. I have to say I really love this school. 15 of 18 people found the following review helpful. Most of them did this program to save money or time, because they have degrees in other areas, but do to law changes in our state now need to be registered to do their job. I am not a person that finds it particularly difficult to read and follow directions. For-Profit: Yes However, the college does accept military benefits and has directed its advertising to service members and their families, according to the FTC. I haven't even began to try asking why my practicum site is taking over a month to either be approved or disapproved since I can't get a response on my first dilemma. This program allows me to do it. A great experience overall! I first placed my request over a month ago. At criminal justice schools, … Look up the information people. I was excited when they got rid of devil Dr. Margi and her crap staff, but sadly things have not changed for the better. Penn Foster is an OK path to a vet tech degree if you need flexibility in the schedule and cannot afford a high cost school. You would NOT be able to pass these exams if you didn't actually know what you were doing. I attended Penn Foster's vet tech associate's program for two semesters before leaving. I am a military spouse currently enrolled in the Vet Tech program. - I find the program extremely affordable. Penn Foster offers a number of degree programs in addition to their GED/High School programs. In 2 years I could be an RVT, or I could still be trying to pay for a brick and mortar school. Yet here is the thing. 5 of 9 people found the following review helpful. Although this should be self-evident, they are not going to hold your hand. She annoys me, but she will get it in the end.You can't speak negatively about penn foster on the forums or they will not put your posts up, as all posts are moderated. Penn Foster Career School is regionally accredited for non-degree granting postsecondary programs by the Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, 215-662-5603, Ashworth College is exactly the same. 27 of 32 people found the following review helpful, I LOVE PENN FOSTER!! The program can be really ruff. It will not be easy; you will have to study and research. Penn Foster is not perfect, but having attended several different colleges they are by far not the worst either. At least this is what worked for me through second semester calculus. Penn foster has truly been a life saver for me, I" didn't finish high school and Penn Foster help me find myself and to know my place in life, Penn Foster made me feel good about myself again. I must say that the material and courses are high quality and I have learned a lot. Penn Foster holds both national & regional accreditation that has been recognized and accepted by many colleges: Colleges set a … I want to take the small engine repair course offered by them, but at this time I don't work for health reason. Still photography requires the technician student to stop and pose for each step which would not happen in a clinic scenario. College transfers are not disclosed until you enter that particular semester. He is always there on our vet tech facebook page and on the school community to help answer questions or serve as a mentor! But choice some place else, I wouldn't recommend this program. They do that because they know you have already invested x amount of dollars and you don't want to lose your investement so they get you in the end with detail expenses which they never told you about.....BAD DEAL find another school, 3 of 4 people found the following review helpful. When asked if they have a student advocate or some type of mediator, they apparently don't have one, from what we are told. I don't even have a Facebook, so that part is really annoying, but I understand the participation part of your grade. Which is subjected to review and acceptance by , 1. the clinic where you did them , and 2. by the school. AND THEY ARE out of the 8 schools that offer online Vet tech degree, they are now fully accredited through the AVMA. The skills that are required to be performed in the two practicums are AVMA required skills but the school requires pictures or videos. If you want a real college degree go elsewhere. I guess I am lucky. Having a graduate degree in education and being familiar with accreditation standards and processes I am disappointed in the slick sales and poor standards this school represents. I suspect I won't actually get the degree until I finish paying for the course, but I went into this knowing that is a possibility. Penn Foster Career School is one example of an online institution that provides job services to its students and alumni. And these supposed teachers that are at the online Penn foster school don't know jack. Penn Foster College is worthless. That's annoying that they want you to be..."social"... which is not my thing. Its more like they throw a bunch of jumbled information at you and its your responsibility to know what to do with it. All of them are dealing with issues. My biggest complaint is the VET TECH program director. I am still in the accounting field doing payroll now for a government contractor in the DC area. Great feedback, great response time's. No doubt she gets 1,000 emails a day asking the same things, but rather than attempt a real solution, she goes on little tirades in her posts and tells you to read the FAQs.If you can't find an answer, you might want to look again and again or ask a fellow student. It is helpful to let the office managers know that the Penn Foster program is AVMA accredited and to copy/paste the curriculum, as well as some of the practicum expectations and requirements.

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