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Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government Skip to sub-navigation U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis Using energy analytics data more effectively will help you solve complex problems, and at the same time improve from traditional technologies when you have to analyze large-scale energy related data. Your contact details have been emailed to our team. Find the right solution for your industry, Pay for what you use, with no commitments, We integrate with industry-leading metering systems. Let us show you how Business Intelligence can be beneficial to your company’s bottom line. Using business drivers or climatic data that affect energy consumption. According to a recent ReporterLinker study, big data analytics in the energy sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.22% during 2020-2025 and at the same time, the smart meter market value is expected to reach beyond the 8% CAGR growth rate. Filter by location to see Energy Data Analyst salaries in your area. Get in touch with us for a demo and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! According to industry research, monitoring and targeting systems are the number one solution to deliver the fastest ROI for energy efficiency projects. Many of the current processes for analysis are quite labor intensive, but they don’t have to be. There are various business analytics examples and many use-cases that show the benefits of using smart meters, these little devices recording the consumption of electric energy and communicating the information regularly to a database, for monitoring purpose. Users can predict demand, optimize production costs in real time, improve distribution, understand customer consumption patterns and predict future market behavior. Read our latest LEED certification case study. The efficiency of the machine learning algorithms in the failure prediction is undoubtful. Annual data and statistics for U.S. energy production and consumption. Want to know whether your meters or devices are compatible with our energy management platform? Whitepaper Download » Predictive Analytic Solutions: Beyond the Hype. Large-scale business prediction processes are in that way precisely and systematically managed. 4,467 Energy Data Analyst jobs available on Check our, Flexible, affordable pricing built around your needs. Renewable energy technologies are gaining acceptance, globally, primarily as a reliable source of electricity. Our knowledge and experience working on Energy Industry applications extends back to 1990 combined with over 35 years of successful software engineering and systems architecture implementations. Get an evaluation! Big data analytics play a crucial role in reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency in the energy sector. Resource assessment. Analyse the data and show patterns in energy consumption. 558 0. The problem is the data sources are disparate, hard to combine and constantly changing. New technologies—from smart sensors and IoT to cognitive—are changing the operational and financial dynamics for energy and resources companies. The Wattics platform supports and is compatible with over 200 devices. Energy analytics will help you in determining the relevant market business forecasts and predict future discrepancies in the market. Through a more structured environment, improved system flexibility, management can enhance their decision-making with better insights in improving production, and adjusting to market demand or market shifts. Our cloud-based energy analytics platform lets you manage energy use online and analyze data all in one place. Uptake provides solutions for industry giants, such as Berkshire Hathaway Energy, and offers a SaaS product suite for companies of all sizes. Transmission & distribution. Want to talk to us about how datapine can help your business? Pay only for what you use on a monthly basis. No upfront payments required. We will follow up with you shortly! By using an energy dashboard, you can thus improve profit margins as well as manipulate and understand large-scale trends in the industry. Also, with usage data, companies can save money and energy by retrofitting or optimizing the operation of their equipment. The research report endorses a detailed industry chain analysis. Here are the, Energy Analytics always at your fingertips, Take Advantage of Modern Energy Analytics Software, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Track health and environmental milestones at every step, Enhance business decisions based on energy market forecasts, Reduce downtime and improve worker safety and productivity, Systematically predict changes in marketplace demand, Balance resources and asset integrity without compromising cost. Data acquisition and management of energy usage, production information and tariff rate parameters are combined for analysis by the PredictEnergy ® analytics engine. The Wattics platform supports and is compatible with over 200 devices. Fragmented adoption is the thing of the past. Now you gotta make something of ’em. Energy data analytics is the real-time response to oscillating market fluctuations, allowing for a more comprehensive and responsive overview of the utilities sector. The payback time for consultants is estimated at approx 3 months. The energy industry is wide, encompasses a lot of different sectors, units, and processes. Even though spreadsheet are a common tracking and reporting tool, in today’s data-overflow it can quickly become arduous to maintain a high-quality reporting using spreadsheets only. Numerous kinds of energy are powering our industries, businesses and day-to-day lives. Our results-obsessed customer support and customer success teams are committed to helping you save time, money and realise your energy saving goals and targets. Download » Expanding the value of AMI data for Energy Efficiency savings estimations. The data analytic results that comes out of these energy management systems are in real time. Open data and analytics for a sustainable energy future. Apply to Data Analyst, Analyst, Operations Analyst and more! "We were amazed how easy it was to use datapine and get the first KPIs within a couple of minutes. Please leave this field empty. Search or sort the table below to find a specific data source, model, or tool. Don’t waste any more time analysing raw measurements. A business that is energy efficient uses the same or more services for less energy. To do this, the energy industry needs to capitalize on the increasing availability of innovative energy analytics software. 20 0. Facility managers can acquire their high-level metrics and reports in real-time data while technicians interested in specific systems can generate their own reports based on their particular needs. The business impact of the use of modern energy analytics is multiple. Whitepaper Download » Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies - Round 1 and Round 2: Big data, analytics and real-world pilot programs developed at universities, businesses, and laboratories; Orange Button℠ - Solar Bankability Data to Advance Transactions and Access: Streamlining solar data … Energy data analytics are a valuable operational tool for power companies to manage load and ensure low-cost, high availability power. An average Excel user can configure and work with datapine with zero IT overhead.". Streamlining data enables them to keep bookmarks of the demand and supply trends, and make sure that any change in demand can be anticipated and in balance with supply. Energy Data Analytics Software Platform For Energy Professionals Our cloud-based energy analytics platform lets you manage energy use online and analyze data all in one place. You may even notice potentially productive areas via seismic trace signatures right in your current fields. Get your energy management to the next level 26 0. For energy professionals, consultants, facility managers, everyone. This makes them hard to analyze. Energy data analytics uses statistical software, big data and machine learning techniques to help utility companies analyze all aspects of energy production and consumption. Design and Development consulting services for robust data analytics used in risk management and cybersecurity risk analysis and controls Why Us? These energy analysis tools help energy managers identify issues across energy and non-energy data, calculate CO2, GHG, RHI output and so much more. By utilizing energy analytics tools, all the data is stored in a cloud-based environment, making access to data and reporting of the findings much easier and faster. Energy data analytics brochure. No upfront payments required. Essentially, analytics is an arrangement of technology and processes that utilize data to comprehend and analyze the performance of an organization. Want to know whether your meters or devices are compatible with our energy management platform? Their findings lowered operating expenses, gave them a greater clarity on the operations thanks to an improved maintenance, as well as an accurate view on the equipment’s health. Many companies in the energy industry continue using spreadsheets when it comes to reporting. You can also easily perform cross-database analyses that will shed light on any inconsistency in your activities. Further, renewable energy is another important component that can benefit from big data analytics. Once you’ve made your discov… Partners. Data analytics also assist’s in identifying projects that will save the most energy and money. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Energy Data Analysis (BEDA) Accelerator is a voluntary partnership that brings together public and private sector leaders, researchers, utilities, and others to improve the way that building energy data is generated, managed, merged, and analyzed through the development of a unique building identifier (UBID). Predictive analysis handles it from the data taken from weather systems. Increasing energy demand, diversification of the energy resources, need for real-time insights on the flows of energy are some of the many challenges the industry has to address. Energy Systems and Data Analytics Class of 2019 ESDA is a one of kind MSc., it offers the rigour of statistics to understand the promise and perils of data analytics and machine learning, while providing you a holistic view of the energy systems: transport, built environment and the electricity system. Download » Load Disaggregation Services. Let our analytics engines compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you when your consumption becomes abnormal. The amount of data in the energy industry isn’t the problem. 193 0. At datapine, we believe that energy data analytics are crucial to make better informed decision, and improve the operations management and scheduling maintenance. See the top benefits of energy analytics. This forward-looking, multidisciplinary conference includes the latest trends with topics such as machine learning, data management storage, oil & gas development and drilling, production and more. Energy data analytics is the real-time response to oscillating market fluctuations, allowing for a more comprehensive and responsive overview of the utilities sector. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has awarded a $371,072 grant to the Duke University Energy Initiative to expand its Energy Data Analytics Ph.D. Student Fellows program. Salary estimates are based on 18,600 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Energy Data Analyst employees. Apps. Large volumes of data are being collected across the industry. Adopting a modern energy analytics software will help you do just that: integrating all your data sets in one central place to work on them flawlessly. Become a data wizard in less than 1 hour! gtag_report_conversion(); Search over {{datasets}} datasets from 193 countries. Errors will multiply, data consolidation will require hours and hours of work because of the dozens of different sources collecting the data, a time that your data scientists could spend more effectively on extracting insights and bringing a greater added value to the company. Energy Access. With a direct and easy access to data, you can foster a data-driven culture within your organization, increase efficiency at every level, and save a lot of time optimizing your operations and costs, and focus more on your core activity to create more value. When robust energy analytics are available, public and private enterprises can make decisions that deliver meaningful savings and environmental benefits. We will rebrand the platform for you in 2 working days, with no Wattics branding visible to your customers/users. That way, you will gain insights and possibly make critical discoveries to ensure operational and financial business decisions across all sectors. Energy analytics are also beneficial to a lot of other industries who are trying to reduce costs and waste efficiently – especially in the manufacturing, cement and steel, or food processing sectors. Energy Analysis Data and Tools Explore our free data and tools for assessing, analyzing, optimizing, and modeling renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. This is possible thanks to replicable, resilient and evidence-based assessments at any division, location or scale of analysis within the sector. According to IEA, renewable energy capacity is expected to expand by 43% or more than 920 giga watt by 2022. Working on these data sets and extracting valuable insights impacts the way companies used to manage, organize or use energy. At the same time, there is a growing need for renewable energies and accountability asked by the consumers – some accountability that these analytics can provide. Take ownership of the fully white-labelled platform branded with your logo, colours, email, URL. Book a Free Demo Learn More if (event.detail.contactFormId === '8356') { When measuring energy efficiency, one indicator is your load factor percentage, which is your average energy load divided by your highest energy load. Big data analytics assists in the accurate forecast of energy consumption, which affects power generation and, ultimately, pricing. Smarter insights with Energy & Resources data analytics Analytics perspectives and solutions. Countries. Energy data analytics also help in escalating direct maintenance costs and disruptions to operations, and to predict more accurately an event, or a failure to enable repairs or the provisioning of spare parts for instance. The national average salary for a Energy Data Analyst is $62,453 in United States. Our elastic pricing model gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease subscription as you add/remove data points from the platform. Got 100 data points or more? For energy professionals, consultants, facility managers, everyone. datapine provides an efficient energy analytics software to harness the nuances of the data produced within the various energy sectors and employ it more beneficially. Also, it covers the production process of Energy Data Loggers , upstream raw material supplier information, raw material costs, labor costs, manufacturing costs, marketing channels, as well as the downstream buyers of the Energy Data …

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