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big data in 2020


As mobile apps, social networks, web search requests, text messages, and media files amongst others, churn up eons of data every second, the world’s data is touted to reach the 175 Zettabyte mark by 2025. Edge computing is a distributed computing technology which brings data storage closer to the location where it is needed, in order to improve response times and save bandwidth. In the past few years, the number of databases for several data types has doubled from around 160 to 340. 14 & 15 septembre 2020 • Porte de Versailles - HALL 7.3 September 14 th & 15 th 2020 • Porte de Versailles - HALL 7.3, FRANCE Big Data Paris est un congrès réalisé par Corp Agency, l’agence événementielle au service du grand public et des professionnels. After starting the year with the Cloudera and Hortonworks merger, we’ve seen massive upticks in Big Data use around the globe, with companies flocking to embrace the importance of data operations and orchestration to their business success. However, if you would like to share the information in this article, you may use the link below:, Chris Baird, VP of Marketing, ObservePoint, Stephen Skinner, CIO, First Team Real Estate. More >> News [9/18/2020] Online conference access information. Big Data is a key enabler of exploring business insights and economics of services. Staying Connected to Organizational Priorities is Vital... By Alberto Ruocco, CIO, American Electric Power. This video will help you understand what Big Data is, the 5V's of Big Data, why Hadoop came into existence, and what Hadoop is. Big Data is a key enabler of exploring business insights and economics of services. By Elliot Garbus, VP-IoT Solutions Group & GM-Automotive... Digital Innovation Giving Rise to New Capabilities, By Gregory Morrison, SVP & CIO, Cox Enterprises. September 14 th & 15 th 2020 • Porte de Versailles - HALL 7.3, FRANCE Big Data Paris est un congrès réalisé par Corp Agency, l’agence événementielle au service du grand public et des professionnels. Join the Canadian data community on September 29-30, 2020 online from the comfort of your home. Our expo provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with leaders and the newcomers of Big Data, AI, Cybersecurity, and Cloud technologies. CONTACTS It reduces the realities of the continuously growing deluge of data to exactly this aspect: the deluge, the chaos and, last but not least, the volume aspect. It will be vital that users get assistance in reading, working, analyzing, and communicating the data. Welcome! Big Data Growth Trends. Big Data and AI Toronto is going virtual for its 5th edition! All rights reserved. In the wake of 2020, there are huge upticks in Big Data use worldwide, with organizations running to adopt the significance of data operations to their business success. Data fills all voids. To further understand this data technology, we have listed here in no particular order the top 10 Big Data technologies you must know in 2020. A combination of data synthesis and analysis will develop the effective use of data further. 2020 International Conference on Big Data (BigData 2020) aims to provide an international forum that formally explores various business insights of all kinds of value-added "services." 2020 Sponsors Gold Sponsors 2019 was a big year across the big data landscape. The big data industry is presently worth $189 Billion, an expansion of $20 Billion more than 2019, and is set to proceed with its rapid growth and reach $247 Billion by 2022. The 2020 International Conference on Big Data (BigData 2020) aims to provide an international forum that formally explores various business insights of all kinds of value-added 'services.' Non-relational analytic data stores are projected to be the fastest-growing big data technology category, growing at a CAGR of 38.6% between 2015 and 2020. Copyright © 2020 CIOReview. Big Data and AI Toronto is going virtual for its 5th edition! Evolving Role of the CIO - Enabling Business Execution... By Greg Tacchetti, CIO, State Auto Insurance, I agree We use cookies on this website to enhance your user experience. Big Data Paris is a trade show organized by Corp Agency, the event management agency for the consumer and business worlds. Sponsorship and Exhibition • Brandon Charbonneau, +1 (416) 645 3756 x 1 •, +1 (416) 645 3756 x 2 •, +1 (416) 645 3756 x 3 •, Big Data & AI Toronto will be back Fall 2021, • 3,000 connections to the virtual platform, Big Data and AI Toronto is a trade show produced by. Photo by Louis Columbus on Enterprise Irregulars Top 10 Big Data Technologies In 2020 All sessions will be live streamed online and available on-demand until Dec.31. Canada’s #1 data and analytics event will be delivered to you exclusively online. By 2020, every human on the planet will be creating 1.7 megabytes of information… each second! The big data industry is presently worth $189 Billion, an expansion of $20 Billion more than 2018, and is set to proceed with its rapid growth and reach $247 Billion by 2022. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, A major theme of the year is “Wide Data.” Découvrez les prédictions des experts industriels concernant les tendances et les nouveautés du Big Data en 2020. Hear from more than 200 speakers, build your program according to your needs, and benefit from 2 days of strategic, practical, and technical content. BDVA is the private counterpart to the European Commission to implement the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership, is a private member of the EuroHPC JU and is also one of the main promoters of the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership being proposed for next framework programme (2021-2027). Big data is not just a term, it has been tied up with a lot of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, Machine … Its practitioners gain knowledge in conferences and different industry events. Contact         |         Subscribe         |         Advertise with us        |         Sitemap         Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy       |       Disclaimer. You may have never heard of this technology, so short introduction first. “The promise of big data never came from simply having more data – and from more sources – but by being able to develop analytical models to gain better insights on this data. In other words, edge computing is all about processing the information as physically close to endpoints as possible. The big data industry is presently worth $189 Billion, an expansion of $20 Billion more than 2019, and is set to proceed with its rapid growth and reach $247 Billion by 2022. Throughout 2 days, the event will be hosting thousands of data heroes, 200+ speakers, and showcasing the industry’s leading solutions providers through a virtual exhibition. Big Data 50—Companies Driving Innovation in 2020 Sep 10, 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has presented some new hurdles—but they are ones that many … In big data environments, scala b le cloud concepts eliminate the limiting local IT infrastructures of companies. Comment and share: Big data predictions: 8 analytics trends in 2020 By Mary Shacklett Mary E. Shacklett is president of Transworld Data, a technology research and market development firm. “Four key elements must be present for organizations looking to become data-driven: data-savvy people, quality data, state-of-the-art tools and a supportive organizational culture,” according to the report. Big data was a major concern for many organizations in 2019. • 3,000 connections to the virtual platform Intelligent functions based on machine learning are leveraged for data preparation, collaboration, and an optimized workflow. “This post big data architecture has a focus on the integration of data,” Cambridge Semantics CTO Sean Martin observed. There will be many new places for data to emerge and spread. It's the ideal opportunity for enterprises to look at Big Data trends for the coming years. More than 5- percent of businesses use big data analytics. To achieve this, firms must promote their employees' data knowledge by utilizing partners who provide software, training, and help the SaaS model. The firms that will benefit are those that tackle to bring data together in a meaningful synthesis in the future. Chief Data Officers (CDOs) will be the Center of Attraction Just finding and managing data that’s dispersed across … Since the context is preserved, the data is more accessible and can also be used for future projects. After closely monitoring the situation linked to epidemic and given the current uncertainty around future government restrictions on large scale gatherings due to COVID-19, and the fact that the safety of our communities is of paramount importance to us as a business, we have taken the decision to move Big Data World 2021 to 7-8th July 2021 (previously 24-25th March 2021). The amount of data created each year is growing faster than ever before. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Big data and analytics are vital resources for companies to survive in a highly competitive environment. Bastien L 30 décembre 2019 Dossiers Commentaires fermés sur Big Data 2020 : tendances et prédictions pour l’année à venir. By Pascal Becotte, MD-Global Supply Chain Practice for the... By Stephen Caulfield, Executive Director, Global Field... Carmax, the Automobile Business with IT at the Core. The Current Focus is On Comprehensive Solutions, Big Data Analytics and Its Impact on the Supply Chain. (Source: Statista) While exploring global data market growth forecast from Statista, we discovered that big data had the highest growth rate in 2012 (61%) and 2013 (60%). Big Data 2020 : tendances et prédictions pour l’année à venir. Big Data Trends: Our Predictions for 2020 PLUS What Happened in 2019. • 200+ speakers The event will still take place on 23rd/24th September however visitors, speakers and exhibitors will all be joining us remotely until it is safe enough to gather in large numbers in-person again. Anyone working with big data today faces a number of tasks. BIG DATA & AI TORONTO 2020: VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & EXPO. Essential Technology Elements Necessary To Enable... By Leni Kaufman, VP & CIO, Newport News Shipbuilding, By George Evans, CIO, Singing River Health System, Monitoring Technologies Without Human Intervention, By John Kamin, EVP and CIO, Old National Bancorp. However, these benefits are only realized if organizations can successfully deal with the greatest consequence of the dispersal of data to heterogeneous settings: the undue emphasis it places on data integrations. More info, Copyright © 2020 CIOReview. (Statista) The other top technology categories in terms of growth rates in the forecast period are expected to be cognitive software platforms (23.3% CAGR) and content analytics (17.3% CAGR). • 4,000 registrants Description: Big Data 2020 is a member of the SCF (Services Conference Federation). All rights reserved. In 2020, the big data market is expected to grow by 14%. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2020) December 10-13, 2020 @ Now Taking Place Virtually The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. This not only enhances data know-how by optimally combining DataOps and self-service analytics but also enables data-supported decision-making. Over the longer-term, the potential for abuse is strong. The most relevant trends are summarized here: Big data becomes wide data. It’s the ideal opportunity for us to look at Big Data trends for 2020. Big data 2020: the future, growth and challenges of the big data industry. The following are four big data strands in 2020. Keynote speeches, panel discussions, master classes, use cases, product demonstrations. This lets huge amounts of data be localized, captured, synthesized, and automatically processed in the distributed and diverse data stocks. Dfuse Technologies: Defusing Big Data and Analytics Predicaments Holistically, Open Insights: Transforming Data Sources Into Valuable Assets, OGx Consulting: Deriving Meaningful Insights for Quality Decisions, Next Level Business Services (NLB): Applying Digital Transformation to Create Supply & Service Value Chains of the Future, Naveego: Tackling Bad Data with Golden-Record-as-a-Service, Innoplexus: Real-Time Data Analytics to Empower Decision Making, Hanumayamma Innovations and Technologies: Ushering Big Data Revolution to Animal Husbandry, Gerber Technology: Reshaping the Dynamics of the Fashion & Apparel and Flexible Materials Industries, Evolved Analytics: Enhancing Value Creation through Data Analytics for Everyone, Expression Networks: Demystifying Big Data Analytics for Government Entities, Enterprise Engineering: FinTech Market Experts with Unmatched Big Data Services, Remedy Analytics: Spearheading Transparency in the Prescription-Drug Industry, Illumination Works: Decoding the Value of Data through ML, Semantix: Single Click Big Data Infrastructure, Tableau Software [NYSE:DATA]: Understanding Data Made Easy, Infonex Technologies: Unraveling the Complexity of Big Data, Wavicle Data Solutions: Harnessing the Potential of Data, Gold Coast IT Solutions: "An Ironman" Approach toward Big Data, XoomDat: Data Discovery, Finding the Needle in a Haystack, Crux Informatics: The Refinery Driving Data ROI, North Analytics: Big Data for Decision-Grade Analytics, Interset: Big Data Analytics Focuses Scarce Cybersecurity Resources, Innovyt: Enabling Rapid Data Prototyping with Big Data, AvidBeam: Harnessing the Power of Big Data in Video Analytics, Vyopta Incorporated: Get the Most Out of UC and Collaboration Investments, Performax360: Redefining Enterprise Performance Management, Versium: Accelerate Sales with Predictive Targeting, Skyfii [ASX:SKF] - Helping Physical Venues Compete in the Digital Era, Pepper: Redefining Asset Management with Big Data, Illumination Works: Event-Driven Analytics, RM Dayton Analytics: Enhance Customer Engagement from the Inside Looking Out, Delaget: Run Smarter, More Profitable Restaurants, Cambridge Semantics, Inc.: Accelerating Data Insights, Delivering Answers, Innominds: Accelerating Analytics, Building Business Value, CALIBRE Systems: Fulfilling Modern Big Data Needs, FileFacets: A One-stop Solution for Locating and Identifying Data Across the Enterprise" title="Jennifer Nelson, VP, Sales & Marketing" style="float:left; margin-right:10px; margin-bottom:20px;" width="60px" height="50px"> The Ones To Watch In 2020. In big data environments, cloud concepts eliminate the limiting local IT infrastructures of companies. Big Data in 2020. In the near term (2020), these Big Data sets will begin coming on-line and professional analysts will begin using the information to make informed policy choices. ; In only a year, the accumulated world data will grow to 44 zettabytes (that’s 44 trillion gigabytes)! FileFacets: A One-stop Solution for Locating and Identifying Data Across the Enterprise, Data Intelligence Technologies, Inc.: Big Data Experts for Intelligence Community, Exponea: Leveraging Cloud for Simplified Business Collaboration, AnalyticsIQ: Big Data Experts Fuel Big Results, Octo: Insights that Drive Insurance Forward, eccenca GmbH: Semantic Data Management to Build Agile Emprises, Agilisium: Harnessing Data to Accelerate Business Agility, Clinigence: Empowering Clinicians to Increase Value, LiveStories: The All-in-One Data Platform for the Public Sector, jSonar: Making Big Data Easy and Affordable, Logtrust: Unprecedented Capabilities to Unlock Business Intelligence, Levelwing: The Marketing Analytics Pioneer, Infoworks: Dynamic Data Warehousing on Hadoop that Automatically Ingests and Organizes Enterprise Data for All Use-cases, Infonyx: Smart Data Analytics for Smart Decisions, Citra Health Solutions: Bringing Data to Life, InData Labs: Advanced Analytics to Earn Big Results, CBIG Consulting: Unleashing the True Potential of Big Data, CB Technologies, Inc.: Digestible Data for Business Leaders, Glassbox Digital: Enterprise Platform that Fast Tracks your Digital Transformation, BlueOptima: Decoding Software Development, BIGDATAPUMP: Building Cloud Analytics Solutions for the Future, BEZNext: Performance Assurance for a Big Data World, Beabloo: In-store Analytics and Communication Solutions, Periscope™, by McKinsey: Driving Better Business Performance, Bay Microsystems: Unifying the Realms of Compute, Networking and Storage, Forecast5 Analytics, Inc.: Powerful Data Analytics for Intelligent Forecasting, ATTOM Data Solutions: Delivering Tangible Insights into Consumer Behavior, Apptium Technologies: Gaining Real-Time Data Insights, Analytics Engines: Spearheading Big Data and Analytics Disciplines, Ana-Data Consulting: Redefining Data Analytics, AltX: Bringing the Industrial Revolution to the Hedge Fund Market, Peloton Group: Unleashing the Power of Big Data to Gain Competitive Edge, Esgyn Corporation: Enabling Real-Time Workloads with an Operational SQL Engine on Hadoop, ZE PowerGroup: A One-stop Shop for All Enterprise Big Data Needs, Xiatech Consulting: Driving Customer Value through Big Data, ePLDT: Enriching Data-Driven Decision-Making, Enlighted Inc.: Smart, Energy-Efficient Buildings Powered by Big Data and the Internet of Things, Wise Athena: Setting the Right Price with Artificial Intelligence, Encored Technologies: Unprecedented Data Insight Platform, Ellicium: Benefitting from Analysis of Vast Amount of Unstructured and Machine Generated Data, Rozetta Technology: Data Analytics at its Best, Wipro EcoEnergy: Leveraging Data for Efficient Energy Management, Edgewater Ranzal: Creating a Data Marketplace for End Users, Direct.One: Enterprise Customer Communications and Analytics, RITTER: Generating Powerful Data Insights, Dilisim: Bringing Next-Gen Big Data Technology, Treselle Systems: Transforming Data into Business Insights, Decision Resources Group (DRG): Solutions for Informed Healthcare Decisions, Retail Solutions: Retail Insights to Achieve Operational Excellence, Pathfinder Health Innovations: Assured Way of Enhancing Therapy Process, Research Now: Enabling Better Market Research with Big Data, Datonix SpA: Fostering Intelligent Decision-Making through Data Unification, Travel and Transport, Inc.: Timely Data for Strategic Travel Program, FirstEigen: Ultrafast, Cross-Platform, Big Data Quality and Integrity Validation, rasdaman: Pioneering Agile Array Analytics, Providing Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, Mikan Associates: Making an Impact with Analytics in the Digital Transformation Age, ThetaRay: Advanced Data Analytics Provide an Enhanced Security Layer to Combat Bank Fraud and Cybercrime, SnA: Comprehensive Marketing and Financial Analytics Solutions, Quad Analytix: Accurate Data Fostering Smarter Decisions, Mentis: Transforming Data into Competitive Advantage, The unbelievable Machine Company (*um): Comprehensive Consulting Services for the Data World, Sparkline Data: Smart BI and Analytics on Hadoop Scale Data, SoyHuCe: Big Data-Driven Digital Transformation, Pontis: Creating Meaningful Customer Relationships, Softcrylic: Unifying Fragmented Digital Data, MedyMatch: Artificial Intelligence based Imaging Technology Designed for the Emergency Room, Pomerol Partners LLC: Visualizing Data to Foster Business Intelligence, Snype: Intelligent Big Data Management Analytics for Telecom and Fintechs, Sixth Sense Advisors: Enabling Better Data Governance, SiteZeus: The Democratization of Location Intelligence Unleashed, MCIS, Inc.: Enhancing Healthcare with Big Data, Semantix: Driving Better Understanding of Data through Customized Solutions, Black Oak Analytics, Inc.: Seamlessly Connecting Disparate Datasets, Advanced Analytic Services: Unlocking Big Data’s Hidden Potential, XTIVIA: Helping To Achieve Business Intelligence Strategy Goals, WCI Consulting: Analytics Tailored To The Client's Specific Needs, The Modeling Agency: Treating Antlodigiphobia, MindStream Analytics: Formulating Right Decisions For Your Business, Liquid Analytics: Intersecting Predictive Analytics With Mobility, LifeScale Analytics: Analytics + Insights For Life Science, Kavi Associates: Intelligence Delivered- Unleash The Business Value Trapped In Your Data, Exsilon Analytics: Discovery Through Data, evolve24: Actionable Insights From Social Data, CSC: Analytics Transformation: Look Ahead to Get Ahead, Consultants 2 Go: Analytics For Better Marketing, CBIG Consulting: Intelligently Powering The Vertical Analytics, Caserta Concepts: Bringing Experience And Expertise To Data Warehouse And Big Data Projects, CALIBRE: Enduring Solutions That Make A Difference, Beyond the Arc: Transforming Business Through Advanced Data Analytics, ARGO: Creating Solutions For Mission-Critical Applications, Accion Labs : Accion Labs Makes Foray Into Big Data, a2c: An Array Of Data Management Services, VentureSoft Global: Robust Big Data Solutions for Customer, Product Profitability and Operational Efficiency, EXL: Unveiling the True Meaning of Big Data, ZEDventures: Decision Making and Analytics with Big Data Infrastructure, XMPro: Unified Platform for Improved Operational Metrics, VoiceBase BigVoice: How to add your CustomerVoice-Channels to your Big Data efforts, Visual BI Solutions: A Frontrunner in Turning Big Data into Good Data, Truven Health Analytics: Delivering Robust Analytics for Improved Efficiency, Toovio: Smart Mobile Marketing leveraging Big Data, TimeXtender: Managing Big Data with TimeXtender’s Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) Platform, SYSTAP: Scalable, High-Performance Graph Database, and Analytics, SynGlyphX: Create and Modify Interactive Data Visualizations, SQream Technologies: GPU-based Innovative Technology to Boost Analytics Performance, Point Inside: Transforming the In-Store Shopping Experience, Pegasystems: Strategic Business Applications for Effective Decision Management, Orchestro: Harmonizing Demand Data for Effective Omnichannel Execution, Optimity Advisors: Innovative Big Data Approaches to Maximize the Value of Data Assets, Novedea Systems: Realizing the Business Potential of BI Technology, Quri: Data from the Moment of Truth; Real-Time Visibility and Insight at the Point of Purchase, Project X Ltd: Data Solutions Augmented With MicroStrategy, Prism Skylabs: Video Analytics: The Future of Big Data, InfoTrellis: Next Generation 360 Degree Customer View For Omni-Channel and Customer Journey, NITS Solutions: Transforming Data into Competitive Advantage, MSRCosmos: End-to-End Big Data Lifecycle Management Simplified, Moser Consulting: Vibrant ‘Roadshow’ of Services for Big Data Intricate, BitBang: Transforming Digital Analytics into Actions, Bimarian: Building Analytical Tools that Drive Valuable Insights, Beyond the Arc: Leveraging Customer Analytics for Actionable Insights, IRI, The CoSort Company:Transforming and Protecting Big Data Faster and More Affordably, Daintree Networks: Open Standards Maximizing Energy Savings, Cicero Group: Empowering Enterprises through Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling, BASELAYER: Infrastructure, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Data, Hansa Cequity: Data-driven Marketing Strategy for Real-time Customer Relation, International Integrated Solutions (IIS): High Performance Big Data Analytics, Govini: Offering Public Sector Business Intelligence through Big Data, Barquin International: Enabling Customers to Discover Organizational Intelligence, b3 Intelligence: Harnessing Intensive Analytics Capabilitiesfor Enhanced Decision Making, Apervita: Democratizing Health Analytics & Data, Global Analytics: Uplifting Underbanked Consumers through Agile Data Analytics, CBIG Consulting: Architecting Increased Data Access Across Business Units, Avlino: Data Analytics solutions Optimized for Medium Sized Enterprises, AlphaSix Corporation: Advanced Solutions for Feasible Data Analysis, Absolut-e Data Com BizStats – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence To Extract The True Potential Of Data, Buxton: Unified Customer Data on a Single Platform, 1-Enterprise: Delivering Technology with a Managerial Insight, Keeper Technology: Scalable Architectures for Big Data Storage and Analytics, Broadridge: Managing Data to Facilitate Strategic Business Decisions, GB Group: Identity Data Intelligence to Easily Detect Fraudsters, Fusionex International: Unleashing the Power of Big Data, Exosite: Actionable Business Insights through Big Data Analytics, Monetize Solutions: Maximizing Revenue through Big Data Sales & MarketingSolutions, Mammoth Data: Transforming Unstructured Data with Hadoop, Spark & Tableau, Medecision: Powering Population Health Management, Melinae: Data and Analytics to Drive Business Results, Zementis: Kicking Down The Barrier For Big Data Adoption, WGSigma Systems: Transporting Data Analysis To Real Time Big Data, Saama Technologies: Data Driven, Science Led, OpTier: Answer Your Toughest Analytics Questions In Minutes, NextGen Invent Corp: Technology And Big Data Analytics As Service, Moser Consulting: Helping Engineer Big Data Platforms, Miner3D: Beautifully Visualizing the Big Data, MarkLogic: Cutting Out System Complexities In Big Data, Loqate: Unleashing The Value Of Location Data, Link Analytics: Productization Of Analytics-Key To Solving High-Value Problems, Hadapt: Bringing High-Performance SQL to Hadoop, Flutura Solutions: Help \'See\' Previously \'Unseen\' Patterns, Digital Reasoning: Provides Software That Understands Big Data, CBIG Consulting: Providing Quality Solutions for Large Data Assets, BloomReach: Matching Customer Intent With Most Relevant Content, Birst: 'Automating' the Big Data reservoirs, Lilien Systems: Unraveling the Hidden Power of Data, Kx Systems: Flexible Tools to Quickly Analyze Time-Series Data, Zencos: Delivering Expertise, People and Partnerships to do BI Right, Zeta Interactive: Big Data to Acquire, Engage and Retain Customers, Saffron Technology: Cognitive Computing For Everyone, The Hive: Studio for Incubating and Launching Data-Driven Businesses, TransUnion: Advanced Analytics to Reduce Risk, WGSigma Systems:Tapping Into Unexplored Avenues Through Real Time Solutions, Tracx - Marketing Intelligence and Business Opportunities via Social Media, Sales Performance International, LLC: Innovative and Integrated Talent and HR Strategies, WebAction: Feel the Pulse of Enterprise with Real-time Big Data Apps, Saama Technologies: Going Beyond Predictive to Deliver Strategic Value, TeamQualityPro: Real Time Comprehensive Visual Dashboard for BI, Rocket Fuel: Innovating Mobile Campaign Management with Data Analysis, Truven Health Analytics: Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector with Big Data Analytics, SynGlyphX: Visualize and Explore Complex Data to Develop Insight and Take Informed Action, Weather Decision Technologies: Actionable Weather Information to Your Rescue, RetailNext: Comprehensive In-store Analytics to Know Your Shopper, Synergic Partners: Inspiring Business Transformation Through Data-Driven Strategies, Relational Solutions, Inc.: Delivers Enterprise Demand Signal Repositories to the Consumer Goods Ind, VajraSoft Inc.: Transforming the Way Patents are Managed, Reflektion: Predictive Analytics to Power Brand Managing and Marketing, Strategy Analytics: Actionable Insights That Supports Dynamic Technology Markets, Soshio: Analyzing the Sentiment and Emotion of Consumers across Chinese Social Platforms, Krux: Cross-Screen Data Management Platform Continues to Succeed with Marketers and Publish, Smaarts: Big Data Meets Enterprise Security, Search Technologies: Redefining Enterprise Search with Big Data, CALIBRE Systems: Driving Big Data Solutions towards Business Goals, Scientel Information Technology: Scientific Intelligence to Combat Big Data Complexities, Visual BI: Executives Empowered with Agile and Visually Intuitive Data for Actionable Intelligence, VersaTech: Data Driven Decisions for Superior Performance, Big Data Cognition: Creating Order Out of Big Data Chaos, Boomerang Commerce: Data Driven Dynamic Pricing for Online Retail, Big Cloud Analytics: Enabling Real-Time Marketing Predictions, iResult: Intelligence for Data-informed Decisions to Address Student Needs, Blue Canopy: Translating Complex Requirements into Achievable Outcomes, Exosite: Extending Big Data To Next Generation Of Cloud Solutions, Beyond the Arc: Combining Innovation and Strategy to Unlock Business Value of Big Data, CallidusCloud: Automating Sales and Marketing Productivity to Fuel Growth, Excedis Corporation: Business Intelligence Solutions for Predictive Analytics, International Integrated Solutions: Removing Constraints with Data Analytics, Estuate: Delivering 360 Degree View of Customer's Internal and External Data, CBIG Consulting: Decade of Expertise in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Consulting, iCube Consultancy Services: Advanced Business Analytics for Information Revolution, Barquin International: Leverage Data into Actionable Decisions, Emagine International: Adaptive Contextual Marketing Platform for Personalized Customer Interactions, Avenues International Discovering Global Insights with Big Data, Citus Data: Building a Cost Effective Scalable Data Platform, Dun & Bradstreet: Harnessing the Value of Big Data for Better Outcomes, Host Analytics: Leveraging Cloud Technology and Accelerating Financial Processes, CloverETL: On a Mission For Speed and Simplicity of Data Integration, Decisyon: Collaborative BI Accelerating Smart Decision Making, Argyle Data: Real-Time Analytics Mitigates Risk, Collateral Analytics: Automated Products for Instant Home Valuations, hoojook: Analytics that Deliver Actionable Sales Leads to Automotive Industry, Data-Tamer: Connecting and Leveraging Enterprise Data, Faster, ARGO: Overcoming Fraudulent Cases through Big Data Analytics, RedPoint Global: Sailing Through the Big Data Frontier, DataSkill: Cognitive Insights Create Smarter Organizations, Compuware APM: Smarter Application Performance Management for Winning the Big Data Analytics Race, RCG Global Services: Unlocking Statistical Correlations to Garner Valuable Business Insights, Araxid: Enabling Better Decisions through Trusted Data, DataMetica: Analytics that Unravels Business Problems, Haystac: Unified Information Governance for a Sustainable Content Intelligence Platform, Cognitive Box: Deriving Success through Customer Relationship Management, Razorsight: Applying Data Science to Radically Improve Customer Experiences, Apption: Apption's Big Data Consulting and Solutions: Value for Dollar, Dataguise: Securing Million-Dollar Data Hubs with a Radical Pitch, Cognilytics: Faster Analysis of Big Data for Incremental Revenue Generation Insights, GridPoint: Big Data Analytics for a Greener Planet, Datagaps: 'Validating' Data Quality and Accuracy, Cirro: On-Demand Analysis Across Multiple Data Sources, Rapid Progress Marketing and Modeling: Predictive Analytics Achieves Measurable Business Success, Amplidata: Redefining Massively Scalable Storage for Big Data, GoGrid: Multiple 1-Button Deploy Solutions to Harness the Power of Big Data, Cygnus Professionals: Translate Big Data into Actions: An Analytics Platform Transforming Enterprise, PYRAMID ANALYTICS: Governed Self-Service Business Analytics for Data Discovery, Catalyst Business Solutions: Spearheading Cloud and Big Data Adoption in Africa, Perceivant: Powering Intelligent Analysis at Lightning Speeds, GGA Software Services: Scientific Big Data Solutions for the BioPharma Industry, Adaptive, Inc: Data Alignment and Governance of Big Data, OpenBI: Data-Driven Intelligence to Discover New Possibilities, Broadridge Financial Solutions: Big Data Solutions for Investment Product Distribution Across Region, Creative Computing Inc.: Charting Your Roadmap on the Business Analytics Maturity Curve, Fuzion Analytics: Untying the Complexities of the Long Term Care Insurance Industry, Novedea Systems: Accelerated Analytics to Discover Actionable Intelligence, Access Sciences: Mining Data - Big, Small and Dark - for Intelligent Business Decision-Making, Blackstone & Cullen: A Data Journey to Bring the Art of Global Business, N4Mative: Building the Next Generation Data Model, Forum Analytics:Turning Data into Powerful Business Intelligence, Moser Consulting: Revolutionizing the Big Data and Infrastructure Management Industry, Mosaic Data Science: Saving Companies Millions through Data Science, Mattersight: Behavioral Analytics to Build Effective Customer Relationships, MapR: Powering Hadoop Applications for Real-Time Data, 7SEGMENTS: Helping Companies Better Understand Customers and Drive Revenue, Manthan Using Analytics to Bring the Shopper Closer to the Brand, Manhattan Software Group: Manhattan Software Merging Big Data into Real Estate. “According to the World Economic Forum, it is predicted by 2020 that the amount of data we produce will reach a staggering 44 zettabytes,” Wright says. Dates: June 22-26 2020 Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Ticket Cost: Full registration charges for S2 members will be $1195 and for the non-S2 members, it will be $1435. • 13,000 interactions between attendees The result is reduced latency and traffic within the network. The Future of Big Data in 2020 and Beyond too. Metadata is structured data that have information about the features of other data. Edge computing can brilliantly co-operate with the cloud computing infrastructure, as it ca… • 150+ talks, BIG DATA & AI TORONTO 2020: VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & EXPO. This means that IT is increasingly searching for the fragmented, widely distributed data structures generated by inconsistent formatted data and data silos. Big data is a misnomer. Big Data Ignite provides you a forum to share your knowledge and ideas and to stay up-to-date on the state of the art, current issues, and emerging trends. Last year, Big Data became a big topic across nearly every area of IT. Big data is basically handling unstructured data wherein data sizes run greater than terabytes and petabytes. Big Data and AI Toronto is a trade show produced by Corp Agency, the event management agency that connects, inspires, and engages the world’s best and brightest network. Big Data, Hadoop and Beyond Hadoop platforms, Digital transformation journey, agile management, and the Future of Work, Advanced analytics, including data visualization, BI, real-time, predictive, prescriptive, Cloud strategies: hybrid, containerization, serverless, micro-services, Automated Machine Learning, Edge AI, Augmented Intelligence, Graphical Databases, Voice technologies, continuous intelligence, AI-as-a-Service, Natural Language Processing, Digital Ops including DataOps, AIOps, CloudSecOps. A dynamic virtual marketplace with 5 content streams, showcasing the industry’s top solutions providers; from large tech corporations to innovative start-ups along with a dedicated career development and recruitment zone. The CIO's role in rethinking the scope of EPM for... By Ronald Seymore, Managing Director, Enterprise Performance... Driving Insurance Agent Productivity with Mobile and Big... By Brad Bodell, SVP and CIO, CNO Financial Group, Inc. Transformative Impact On The IT Landscape. Big Data in 2020 Last year, Big Data became a big topic across nearly every area of IT. IDC defines Big Data technologies as a new generation of technologies and architectures, designed to economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data by enabling high-velocity capture, discovery, and/or analysis. FREMONT, CA: During the past few years, Big Data has become an insightful concept in all the technical terms. In the wake of 2020, there are huge upticks in Big Data use worldwide, with organizations running to adopt the significance of data operations to their business success. In other words: anything that refers to this dimension of ‘big’. For comparison, today it’s about 4.4 zettabytes. Besides, the accessibility of wireless connections and advances have facilitated the analysis of large data sets. A major theme of the future is Wide Data. Big Data Paris is a trade show organized by Corp Agency, the event management agency for the consumer and business worlds. Many of the CFOs are predicting big changes for 2020 in their businesses. The topics that will be covered in this conference are Big data Architecture, Big Data Modeling, Big Data as a Service, Bid Data for … Enterprises are picking up strength continuously by enhancing their data analytics and platforms. Meet your future partners at Big Data & AI Toronto 2020! Therefore, 2020 will be another year for innovations and further developments in the area of Big Data. It is unclear that politically driven people will possess the will or skill to properly interpret data analyses. In 2020 Big Data LDN will be delivered entirely online. Part of Refinitiv's ‘Views on 2020’ series, learn three key themes & trends that are set to shape the Big Data and Machine Learning industry in 2020.

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