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guitar nut width chart


I think he played it on his old Gibson J50 on the original recording - I don't know the nut width? The width tapers in from the body towards the nut. Martin Guitar Neck Shapes and Widths. Depending on your guitar, you should get numbers from 1.625 up to 1.750 inches. Hello Folks, happy new year to all. Also know the difference between “wide” and “fat” necks. Martin Guitar. The spec that you will most often see when looking at the width is the “nut width”. My main electric is a Strat with a chunky neck. I don't think a change in nut width will affect the sound at all. A good measurement is about 1/16" in from each end of the first fret (measuring from the top of the beveled fret ends). The width of the neck – or we could talk about the width of the fingerboard (same measurement) – will be different at the nut end than it is towards the body of the guitar. The material of the nut on an acoustic guitar will affect the overall tonality of the guitar. 0; Total Length: 37 3/4" Body Length: 19 1/8" Body Width What is guitar nut width. ... Home / Guitars / 1 3/4" Nut Width / Page 1 of 7 Guitars of every kind at Guitar Gallery in Nashville, TN. Usually Telecaster nut length is 1 11/16 inch or 43.0mm in length. As for the actual feel at the nut, I have three guitars with 1-3/4 nuts and one other with 1-11/16. Gibsons (eg. The nut is 1 5/8, but actually measures 1.577. Sustain. With the strings removed, put the calipers on the nut side of the first fret. Registered User : Join Date: Sep 2010. This is the smallest nut width size and standard for the 4-string J Bass®. Simply enter the nut width in millimetres and either the end-gaps or the overall string spacing (again in millimetres) and the gauge of each string in thousandths of … Mostly handmade, acoustic guitars, by individual luthiers of the highest caliber. Guitar Sizes and Types. Measuring nut width on a guitar – Alongside the general sales enquiries we receive here at JGG regarding every aspect of buying a vintage guitar, we are often asked specific technical questions too. Using the calipers, measure the width of the fingerboard right in front of the nut. Width at Nut Width at 12th Fret; 1 11/16" 2 1/8" 1 7/8" 2 5/16" ... Width at Nut Width at 12th Fret; 1 1/4" 1 1/2" Visit Martin Guitar . L. lamenlovinit Member. Nut size (width) has more to do with playability than sound. Height: 41 inches Box length: 20 inches Waist: 11 inches Widest bout: 15.5 inches Depth: 4.75 inches Scale length: 25.5 inches. Surely the difference between the nut width on a Les Paul and a Strat is negligible? The Wide Thin neck has a thinner profile front to back than the Wide Fat. Perfect for smaller children or as a second guitar for the office! Ideally would also like a thin neck 1 11/16" or 1 3/4" nut width, and The width of the nut can vary based on the neck profile: Wide Fat vs Regular, or Pattern vs Pattern Regular as they are now called. E E #6001-VS for Fender 1-45/64" (43.48mm) nut width 7-1/4" radius (184.15mm) on both top and bottom 15/64" tall x 1/8" thick (5.99mm x 3.18mm) 1-13/32" (35.56mm) Four preslotted nuts for Fender: Low Oval Cross Section. I am hunting for a 12 fret rosewood guitar. Because the 12th fret is just in the middle between the nut and the saddle the distance between the 12th fret (exact the edge of the guitar body) and the saddle is also fixed. The material of the nut will affect sustain – either in a good way or a bad way. The most notable effect it will have on tonality is when playing the open strings. A guitar with a wider nut width and string spacing at the bridge allow you to play fingerstyle more cleanly. The key for fingerpicking is not the nut width but the width at the saddle. Height: 40 inches Box length: 19 inches Waist: 9.75 inches Widest bout: 15.5 inches Depth: 4.25 inches Scale: 25.5 inches. Scale has a relatively low impact on sound and playability of the guitar. WIDTH OF THE FRETBOARD AT THE NUT: Pattern, Wide Fat - 1 11/16" Pattern Thin, Wide Thin - 1 11/16" Pattern Regular, Regular - 1 21/32" Pattern Vintage - 1 11/16" JM – 1 21/32” 12 String - 1 47/64" WIDTH AT THE BODY So if you teach your hands on a neck that is the least tiring and the best suited to your hand then there is certainly something to nut width. So if your Core PRSi are all "Regular" width, and your SE PRSi are all Wide Fat, then there you go. No need to overthink a simple matter. 12 Fret - 6 String. … So, I ordered a new Alvarez AD30 which arrived today and it has a 1 & 11/16" size nut. People who play fingerstyle prefer a wider but, typically around 1 3/4" while flatpickers prefer a narrower nut, typically 1 11/16". 615-333-9423 Facebook (Compared with other parameters such as strings or pickups). Further, the custom configurator on the Martin site only allows for a 1-3/4" width on a 14 fret D guitar; this I … Steel String Guitar Sizes Guide Chart General Rough Guidelines Kids age 3-5 Useful travel guitars with some limitations due to scale size Kids age 6-8 Useful travel guitars with some limitations due to scale size Kids age 8-10 Adults with small size hands and bodies … I'm just starting to shop for a new guitar - it's been a few years - and this news, to me, is a little shocking. 1-5/8" (41mm) This nut width size sits between the typical J Bass® and P Bass® neck nut widths. The solid top Alvarez Artist series was selected. Our Tele® Bass neck can be ordered in this size. It then calculates the required distance for each string from both the bass and treble edges of the nut. Jan 20, 2012 #8 1-23/32" is standard, I think, on several Huss & Dalton guitars. It is a favorite of fast players and lead guitar players. For years I've been saying that ALL the 12 string models should have the wider nut width, and 99.9% of ALL Ric 12 string guys would prefer the wide neck, AND, Rickenbacker would sell MORE guitars to the guys who already have the narrow neck 12, AND sell more guitars to NEW Ric fans who DO NOT play Rickenbackers because the neck is too narrow, but love the sound and look of a Rickenbacker guitar!! My Gibson is wider at the nut - but shallower in depth. Our double edged slotting files allow precise slotting of nuts, Tune-o-matic saddles and acoustic bridge saddles. Tommy said it was common for guitars from 65-74 to have this nut width. Nov 30, 2016 - Acoustic guitar neck width comparison. Short scale 32" and 30" bass necks are only available in this nut width. Use a wooden block approximately the width of the guitar nut and thick enough that you can hit the back edge with a hammer. Available Sizes. I've read a couple places about muscle memory and how tied in it is in to Guitar playing as it is with so many other things. Since you brought it up, I just noticed that the D28 and HD28 now have 1-3/4" as the nut width. The Acoustic Guitar Forum > General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion > General Acoustic Guitar Discussion: nut width comparision chart inch/ mm? Where and how to measure it. Determine the width you want between the two outside E strings. 40mm The Bonnie Raitt Custom Shop Sig Series of the late 90s x early 2000s also had a 1.577. Ended up liking both so much I recently decided to get a much less expensive guitar to be my beater. Messages 325. 2: Click on the Sort button and sort by length 3: Find the nuts that are your length or slightly longer (we make them a bit longer to sand for final finish 4: Now, out of those nuts, find the correct thickn Hey guys, I'm buying an official Floyd-Rose for my guitar but I don't know which nut it should take, R2, R3 or R4. So for me to fingerpick this tune cleanly with my fat little fingers, I need to play it on a guitar with 1 3/4 inch nut width - I can play the hammer-ons with the third finger to the 2nd fret/2nd string nearly as nicely as JT....well, you know. Password: Register: FAQ: Calendar: Mark Forums Read Thread Tools #1 09-06-2010, 12:46 AM Berti. Greetings, I assume that you are refering to which specific guitar brand. Square Deal, Olson, etc. Two completely different things as bassgod0dmw there said. In our example 324 mm. Anyway, here's the nut(/neck) width measurements from mine: 4ST EPI LTD Explorer = 1.662"/42.2mm Herby Custom Bass (MIJ. Messages Files sizes: 0.056, 0.050, 0.046, 0.042, 0.036, 0.032, 0.028, 0.024, 0.016, 0.013 and 0.010. Fretboard radius, binding, fret size and the amount of shoulder will all contribute to the different feel. One of the most common we get asked about is how to measure a guitar’s nut width accurately. Manufacturers that do and don't make wide nut guitars. Keep in mind of course, that 7 string guitars have a wider neck than 6 string guitars. Here's an easy way to find the nut you need 1: Measure your nuts length, thickness and height (highest portion). Nevertheless, the critical points for dimensions of nut length will be end to end of the current nut on the guitar or the width of the neck if there isn't a nut available to measure. That said, Taylor's 1-11/16 necks are probably a bit narrower at the saddle too, which is likely what Magazine is noticing. This is a set of 11 precision nut slotting files that are used by Crimson guitars luthiers and Master luthier Ben Crowe. That is where measured width becomes more important. Most modern 4 string basses use this width. Guitar Craft Academy instructor David Johnson explains how to properly adjust the depth, width and angles of your guitar's nut slots. Place it on top of the fingerboard against the long edge of the nut where it meets the wood of the fingerboard. Could find zero verified info on nut width, but did see one owner's post that it had a 1.75" nut. zumaboy Member. Neck Thickness. ! A guitar’s scale length is length of string between the nut and the bridge. What You're measuring isn't the width at the nut, it's string spacing, center to center, at the nut. User Name: Remember Me?

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