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epiphone p90 pickups review


Other than what is in the catalog I can't even find anything on the net. When it comes to Les Paul guitars, Epiphone occupies a uniquely important space. Normally you might expect the humbucker to win in any duel in a volume battle with a single-coil. Great sounds, great mid-range with plenty of power. The Wilshire P-90 brings back many of the features of the earliest Wilshire models including the symmetrical double-cutaway mahogany body with dual PRO P-90 Soapbar pickups, three on a side reduced sized Kalamazoo headstock with Epiphone Bikini badge and … From its first appearance in 1959 the Wilshire has been one of Epiphone's most successful original solid body electric guitar designs. And the 339, which I bought for $199, is a great budget guitar. Epiphone ES-339 P90 Pro, Cherry. All the musical styles covered in one pickup. Framco has a lovely new korina Epi LP Junior with the stock Epi P100 (stacked) pickup see this thread: I have the sunburst version of this same guitar, and I can understand the desire to upgrade, but I would shim the pickup before spending $100 on a Lollar or other high-end pickup.   You cannot paste images directly. The Epiphone Wildkat features a Les Paul-type body. Our choice as the Best P-90 Pickup. Somehow it just got lost when the humbucker arrived. Go to the Lollar site to understand the difference between a LP Jr bridge (TALL), Casino Neck (SHORT), ES125 (in between). This model is not your traditional semi-hollow where you have a center block of wood with a hollow body around it. One piece of advice I will definitely give him is: Get a better web presence. The P90 sound is unique, and most, we suppose, will be going for the pure sound. Nice looking guitar, by the way. Privacy Policy | Underneath the dogear cover, you will see a similar bobbin and mag wire as per the originals. They do look like a typical soap bar P90, but inside there is something waiting to get out. When I did my Casino, I logically thought that ordering a staggered set would be better because the poles would line up better under the strings. The guitar has two humbuckers, one at the bridge and one at the neck. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. The price point is set realistically, though, for a single pickup, it is not cheap. A good quality pickup can add to the sonic quality and improve tonal strength of the guitar and make it stageworthy as well. Sorry I'm not much help but, until you posted, I'd never heard of them. There was a boom in the market for vintage guitars. This guitar has a couple of Epiphone P90 pickups, which is the traditional choice for semi-hollow guitars. It has a powerful mid-range that dominates, as it should. Give us more information. They are not suitable if the pickup is screwed in through the scratchplate. Have fun, we did. The Gibson pickup was well known for its heavyweight mid-range sound, and this certainly has that. The top is a laminate, covered with a flame maple veneer, which gives it a very authentic feel. As this fits precisely into the space of a conventional humbucker, it will fit just about any non-single coil guitar. × So not only a Gibson, Epiphone or a copy but also a Fender, Squier, etc. Epiphone P-90R PRO single-coil pickups are individually voiced for rhythm and lead and provide a huge variety of sound choices for the modern guitarist. The strategy is pretty clear; Epiphone guitars in the Original Collection will be closer to their forebears than ever before, with vintage-style features and finishes, upgraded electronics with hand-wired CTS potentiometers and in addition, Les Pauls and SGs will benefit from a … You have the P90 sound, or if you prefer, there is a Fender-ish single-coil sound. This pickup may not suit the P90 purist. I tend to like the warmer squawk of the P90 Pro's in LP's and Brighter P90 Classics in my SG's. Display as a link instead, × There are some great options from talented manufacturers. WC90NP90 Single Coil – Neck– £49.99. If you're looking for best bang-for-the-buck, probably the GFS. Today there are companies that make the P90. The pickup rings can be had for around $10-$15 (see other posts on this, not all rings are the same). Hi Sambooka,I live in Newfoundland and I've been hearing rave reviews locally about the pups this guy from Botwood makes.People are saying that they're every bit as good as Lollars and Bareknuckles and in some cases even better and hotter or as hot or as smooth as you like.I've heard so much good about him that I'm considering to get him to rewind the middle pup on my '65 Strat(cold solder joint/unravelling wire problem). man the choice its easy first when you buy this guitar change string and the pickup and she become beautiful to play ( im in the process to shop my p-90 on yours recommandations guys ) maybe change the tuners machine head but its a other story!! They are a great pickup. First introduced in the early 1950s, Gibson's legendary P90 single coil pickup produced a raw powerful tone that helped define the blues and rock and roll in their formative years. Your email address will not be published. From Catalog: Wilkinson Special Pickups. Joined Mar 26, 2014 Messages 104 Reaction score 67. Seymour Duncan has recreated that with this P90. Of course, you would expect to find Seymour Duncan producing a vintage P90. Someone recommended him to me from the Telecaster Forums.. so far so good (I am not affiliated with him in any way), Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear.   Your previous content has been restored. This is a dogear design P90 from the Seymour Duncan’ Antiquities’ range. Epiphone SG Classic Worn P90 Electric Guitar. But the Tonerider is a P90-like pickup but with a bit of a difference. For example, the soapbar P90's on the same page are shown at £36.99 but you can buy them at Axesrus ( for £19.00. There are several factors to clarify the … This pickup is a P90 that hides inside a humbucker’s exterior, and leaps out unexpectedly and bites you. It is what they do. Great, if that is what you want. The link the OP gave is a link to the main distributor. It is easy and straightforward to fit and is an option for a variation on the P90 sound. They recreate that very special P90 sound. But, there weren’t that many around, so the next best thing was to recreate the sound, hence the Antiquities range. A true blue (Pelham Blue) semi hollow body for under $500. There have been several re-issues on other models using the P90, but it was essentially confined to the history books. They come with a black finish. The Epiphone Les Paul provides a more affordable option, which comes near to rivaling an authentic Gibson—after all, Epiphone was acquired by Gibson in 1957. But for P90 lovers, it is an important part.   Your link has been automatically embedded. It isn’t even noiseless, so you are getting as dead on a sound as the real deal as possible. I think that on a Casino, for instance, stock pickups adjusted correctly are pretty hard to beat. Sound quality. While they are P90's, the Epiphone P90's that I've played are a pretty poor example. To test this, just use an icy-pole stick or similar as a temporary shim/spacer under the pickup, and check the output then. But it is also true that they cost 1/4 the price of a standard GLP, they look pretty similar, and if you put better pickups in them, they’ll sound very similar. It seems that everyone wanted the dirty sounding PAF rather than the cleaner but still with a ‘kick’ P90. This guitar sustains really well and sounds great. Get the punch and growl that P90 pickups offer with the Epiphone SG Classic Worn. Even though it does sound a little different to the Fender. The shims are flat, not thinner in the middle and will conform to the contour of the body. Most of the other pickups I've had in them were not so good. $499.99. of shimming to get the poles close enough to the strings. But now it has returned in various guises. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you're looking to add a P-90 to a guitar, and you're looking for the best, I'd look at Lollar, Fralin or Vintage Vibe. This pickup is provided with a single conductor cable. But if you’re looking for pickup options for either a Telecaster or Fender Bass, check out our reviews of the Best Telecaster Guitar Pickups, the Best Precision Bas Pickups, and the Best Jazz Bass Pickups currently available. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a change. But it was most noticeable is the bottom end. ... Epiphone Les Paul Junior Jr P90 Pickup Black Ebony. But for the moment, it is the return of the classic P90 we are considering. But if you're looking at replacing an existing Epi P-90, I would encourage you to try adjusting the height of your stock PU before buying/replacing. The pickups are exactly the same size as their Gibson predecessor. It should be noted that these pickups are for guitars where the pickup screws straight into the body. The Phat Cat is a P90 that gives you a tone that will cut through. Epiphone SG Special P-90 review A compelling option for players priced out by a US-built Gibson with a crowd-pleasing pickup pairing By Rob Laing 29 October 2020 Epiphone's P-90 Pro soapbars are heavily inspired by Seth Lover's original designs. If, however, you are a Gibson fan and you want the P90 sound plus a little more, it could well be? Quite clean and with its natural lack of too much top at reasonable volumes. Just as the single-coil on the Telecaster was unique, so is the P90 on a 330 or an SG, or even a Les Paul junior. These guitarists know that P-90 pickups offer a unique tonal palette that is distinct from — and complements — humbuckers and traditional single-coils. The 1950s Gibson ES-330 delivered a very recognizable growly sound from its bridge pickup. These are a great sounding P90. That is probably why they sound a little ‘humbuckerish’. They certainly cannot be accused of not trying to cover every possible pickup requirement that guitarists might have. And I have platforms under the bridge pickups in both - a must with dogear P-90's. Your email address will not be published. If you are mounting these on an solidbody, chances are, it's flat and this will be a moot point. The new PAF humbucker all but destroyed what to some was the better pickup and the P90 all but disappeared from the Gibson range. It looks like a soap bar P90, but do not try and feed it, it bites! It has two Alnico 2 magnets that help to deliver a big sound that has plenty of sustain and attack. i will try this, my daugther like pop-cicles after she eat them, i give them a try!!! The mahogany body and neck are the first steps to ensure a quality sound with plenty of flexibility. Does it play as well as the Gibson version? On my first geet mod I bought a set of SSS Wilkinson pups for an el cheapo Chinese Strat, they were $45 delivered, they crank, excellent pups, especially at that price point. If there was a choice, it was very limited. Copyright 2019 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. From what I've been able to determine (I'm sure that there's an exception, somewhere), most pick up sets that have the staggered height (tall bridge/short neck) have the narrower pole spacing at the neck. There are though options. Clear editor. There was just something about it. thanks to you guys and if somebody have a other point of vue please let me know!! If you want to upgrade your instrument’s sound, installation of new P90 pickup can be incredibly helpful. What a fantastic guitar for the money. All the way down to the. The pickups sound extremely good for an Epiphone. The thing to watch with archtops (Casinos, etc) is that most P-90s have a flat bottom on the cover. GREAT deal. It is quite even with this P90. Now, you haven't mentioned what kind of guitar you're working with and if the P-90s are soap bar or dog ear. Or, put up some pictures. Just pop a P90 in, and it is welcome to an iconic sound. I got a Dogear from a Guy in Newfoundland. They are certainly going to impress those players who like letting go with some hard blues. They are given metal covers to provide better shielding and help to reduce any unwanted noise. But of the three, it is the SG with its P90 he loves the most. But in buying a P90, we are going to stick to the purist version we can find. Learn more. 4-ish range. Epiphone's ProBucker™ humbucker has quietly become one of the most talked about pickups in the industry. I have a few Epi's with both P90 Pro's and P90 Classics, I like them both depending on what guitar you put them in these are both Alnico V's. They are quite expensive and as they are just a bridge pickup only sold singly. Great height, and I didn't notice any difference with the wider pole spacing. That’s where Epiphone comes in.

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