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The tolerances on these high performance bats have to be super tight to squeeze out performance. It is called the DeMarini Nightfall. For the past 28 years, DeMarini has delivered nothing but the best in terms of quality and innovation. Demarini. had a tournament in Little Rock on Friday Saturday and Sunday broke my bad on Friday night and it didn't really go well from there. it was compression testing at 135 which is well beyond the allowable limit (220 is the mark). The bat is not that old. The barrel is destroyed and will not survive a game, but has amazing pop. Bat is absolutely fire, but I am not going to have my son use it to destruction. Both bats have a lot of wear. 38% PRICE DROP. price: from $249.99 to $269.99. mudvnine. (See our full 718 Select Review). I've never seen this on a composite bat before. Anonymous. Sent in warranty claim and was told they can't replace with a similar 30in bat because they are in the transition between the 2019's & the 2020's. $50. PIAS_Fullerton. It drives a premium price but is limited edition–pricing out much like a custom DeMarini CF might. This seller is under warranty with Demarini so the claim was reviewed and approved. Best Place to Buy the DeMarini 2019 CF Zen Baseball Bat . I purchased it last August Thank you. Baseball bats don't go dead. Please read the text under the section titled “Binding Arbitration Agreement; Class Action Waiver” carefully. Used Demarini Voodoo 33 30 Bbcor Baseball Bat . which service do you guys use when you return a bat? Shipped with USPS Priority Mail with Insurance and Siganture

No RMA? Accepting offers. Approved for play in all major leagues. NikiLee. Each manufacturer suffers from some sort of issue, likely due to these tight tolerances. I sent the bat to Demarini about a month ago and still haven't received a new one. Chip.jpg. A composite bat has more pop, a larger sweet spot, and sounds like a crack of a tree branch. They can make bats that are hot or … Barrel did crack after a few months but Demarini should honor the warranty. 1 0. This bat will crack! However swings the bat is the only thing that matters. 2. DeMarini is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and achieving compliance with other accessibility standards. The parent in no uncertain terms told them that he would never give up the "green bat" since it was by far the hottest he had ever seen. Very disappointed. This bat includes DeMarini’s Paraflex+ Composite material, as well as the 3Fusion handle and end cap to go along with the X-Lite knob. It might be bad luck, it might be a bad bat… One option with a decent price point that gets great ratings from us is the 718 Select from Slugger. 1996 . 2020 demarini fnx rising (-9) fastpitch bat. Our Cold Weather USA Bat Pick But the main use is to take the end cap and put it on your modern 2 3/4” barrel bat and make it hot as this bat! Used DeMarini Voodoo Bat 33" -5 - 38% PRICE DROP. Condition is For parts or not working. Demarini CF8 Drop -8 31/23 - ****Cracked**** - See Photos. Noticed this on my son's 2 5/8" Easton XL1 today. Note - The limited warranty contains a binding arbitration agreement and a class action waiver. Cracked from normal use for one (1) year from the date of purchase. View Details. Before it officially broke. Built with DeMarini’s 3-Fusion handle for superior feel, eliminating unwanted vibrations, and allowing for easy handling through the zone. Hitting an aluminum bat with a ball too dense (cold) is a possible dent. Purchased DeMarini Zen in Jan 2019 for my son, cracked 2 months into the season. Created by softball legend and bat engineer Ray DeMarini, the company DeMarini has been committed to providing hitters with durable bats that pack a punch. Registered User. Shop with confidence on eBay! price: $269.99. Ray’s determination to bring the sophistication and technicality of bats to the next level has helped grow the game, bringing up the confidence and capabilities of players at large. Condition is For parts or not working. Used DeMarini … Is this considered a "chip"? $25.00 USD Calculate Shipping. Returning a cracked bat demarini flipper og ASA. *CRACKED* GOAT 30”/20oz 2016 Demarini CF8 For Parts. That's what it looks like to me. Based on condition, it could last one more swing, or 50, or 150, but time is almost up. It is not recommended for temperatures under 65℉. My sons bat cracked within a few months, as did two of his teammates!. DeMarini is out of stock of this bat and is not planning on making more until May 9th. We've had it for maybe 4 months. $250. The do not have any USSSA -8 bats in stock. They are less expensive, however, they have a smaller sweet spot with less of a pop. Back when this photo was taken, this bat was still in use and was an absolute bomb dropper. Join Date: May 2015; Posts: 1294; Share Tweet #4. The proprietary technology takes off, shattering sales records and setting the new standard for performance. @Mustoole1 Sold Me a CRACKED DeMarini Voodoo 33" Bat - REMOVED. The result of a ball too dense on the composite is a crack and, then, the bat’s ultimate failure. Suggested Listings. Every kid on my son's team that has a 2017-2019 CF Zen has had a cracked bat. Their combination of state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials comes together to create the most powerful, lightest swinging bat to date - the CF Zen. You can use the handle too if you want! Or, is it the start of a crack? 2 Demarini Baseball Bats Voodoo And Vexxum See Description *Cracked. Discussion in 'DeMarini' started by dunkky, Dec 11, 2017. dunkky Well-Known Member. Tags: None. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. One of them cracked during our last tournament. list: $349.99. The end-plug and knob may be repaired or replaced if found defective for one (1) year from the date of purchase. The rep replied that the customer could not have their cake and eat it also. The 2019 CF Zen gives the hitter a great feel, while also delivering some pop. Tiny seam. Both bats would be good for backyard baseball. you save: $61.99 (18 %) guaranteed lowest price nation wide! My son had a Demarini Vexxum back a few years back that he still used even when it WAS cracked. $25. Comment. They stamped "No Return" on the replacement bat. Aluminum alloy bats dent. The Voodoo is a -8 bat and the Vexxum is a a -3. This bat emits a satisfying crack upon the ball’s impact. An ultra-responsive Paraflex Plus Composite barrel, 3Fusion System and ReAction End Cap creates great feel on contact and helps increase swing speed and barrel performance right out of the wrapper. price: $288.00. An alloy bat is also known as a metal or aluminum bat. I didn't use the bat until it was above 70 just to be sure. × Now we have shipped it back. This is, in short, a BBCOR only bat uniquely numbered from 1 to 100. These bats require a break in time of about 150-200 hits. 9. A severely dented bat for one (1) year from the date of purchase. 06-08-2015, 10:15 AM. 1,276 Related listings in Bats. Super Moderator. How do you know when you have a dead baseball bat? The bat still cracked on my second at bat. 1 decade ago. The bat DOES NOT make the hitter, but this is a great bat. So we will have played 6 games in a 12 game season before I get a new bat. call: (800) 929-0959 email: 2020 demarini fnx rising (-10) fastpitch bat. Diagonal crack. It's not your typical weave surface crack which has me worried about the integrity and performance of the bat. 2020 demarini cf (-11) fastpitch bat. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Demarini CF ZEN USSSA Baseball Bat 29/19 (-10) CBZS-19 2 3/4 CRACKED (56) at the best online prices at … usps, ups, fedex? Although, this is an extreme example of what these stress cracks can look like, it goes to show when these cracks appear, the bat is not broken. It was rarely used in the cages - it was almost exclusively a game bat. DeMarini puts homeruns within reach of the masses with the world’s first double-wall bat–The Demarini Doublewall. Post Cancel. For composite bats: If you see a massive crack that has split your composite bat in half, then there's a great chance it is dead. The 1 year warranty means nothing because Demarini said they would only replace the bat 1 time. He totally blew it out, but even today, it still has pop. One of our parents called Demarini during the warranty process and when the parent complained they tried to send a 2 5/8" bat as the warranty. View Item Details. Incorporates DeMarini’s Paraflex + technology for optimal flex upon the ball’s impact. In college a teammate of mine would hide his cracked air-attack until umpires did their bat checks. In talking with another team during a recent tournament, they said they had 3 (3!!) You need to take the material of your bat into consideration when determining whether or not it is dead. Condition is "Used". Both of these bats have cracks on 1 side of the barrel. The DeMarini Factory Warranty covers the following three items- there are no other warranties. DeMarini Doublewall Distance is banned after its unprecedented performance in a home run derby. 10-12-2014, 01:44 PM. Not what I expect from a bat that cost $349. break during one 1-week tournament. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-401-1835, if you have any issues accessing information on this website. Hi, Just wondering if you guys think Demarini would honor this has a replacement. The 2020 DeMarini CF Glitch (-10) USSSA Baseball Bat features a balanced, lightweight design sure to help you upset the established order. The first game we used it, the bat cracked. But Demarini didn’t replace the bat, they offered a voucher to buy a new bat. They said it would be May 15th by the time I got a new bat. Composite bats crack. A truly end-loaded bat with a loud, thunderous, wood bat like "crack" sound that is great for players soon to be transitioning from metal to wood. Then drop bombs during the game with a "dead" bat. If this bat gets damaged, it will crack. list: $379.99. The downfall to that was they have no replacement bats to offer. Please see my other bat inventory if interested.

When i return a cracked bat which is under 1 year warranty, do i pay shipping from my own pocket? That allows younger hitters to better handle the barrel and learn bat control. I would not be afraid to buy these bats with this known issue. In any event, the bat is the same as the 2020 DeMarini CF which is available later in the summer of 2019. Non-Wood Bat Limited Warranty Claim FormClick here for the complete terms of the DeMarini Non-Wood Bat Limited Warranty. Those who are looking at this know what it’s about. I read on Demarini's website that ideal weather conditions for softball bats is above 60 degrees. Used DeMarini Voodoo Bat 33" -5. They refuse to settle and continuously stay ahead of the curve with their technology and materials. Don't waste your money. It was used in Atlanta / Orlando in May and June, so cold weather was not a factor. Bat Question: Chip Or Crack? The USSSA Hawk2 is slightly more balanced and feels lighter than the BBCOR version. Joined: Oct 14, 2017 Messages: 2,087 Likes Received: 810. Source(s): dead baseball bat: DeMarini threw everything into this bat and it doesn’t disappoint. We had the bat for roughly 2 months. 2022dad. Ty Cobb-"Every great batter works on the theory that the pitcher is more afraid of him than he is of the pitcher." My son's bat cracked after 2 months of use. Find great deals for 34/26 DeMarini White Steel 2014 Slowpitch Softball Bat WTDXWHI-14 WHI14 - Crack.

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